Who's In Your Gym?

I almost never start topics or post, but I was looking over my favorites and had to post this. It’s sad I can relate to a lot of the people described on this page.


I sometimes train with Doc Brown or Chris Lloyd if you will

I think The Half Repper, The Upper Bodybuilder, and Larry Lockerroom are staples in commercial gyms. Bunny Spandex made an appearance in my gym today, so that was nice.

Some funny stuff in there.

As I was reading, I was thinking about these three guys doing bench at the gym. They upright row it then do big high fives after each set.

They’re on the list!

THE BENCH BUNCH– I don’t need to go into this to much. They are three guys who hog the bench, never do legs, and will pile on three times the weight they can actually bench. Their reps consist of the bar dropping at a rapid rate to their chest, while the other two pop blood vessels in their heads to get the bar back up. Once the rep is complete, there are high fives all the way around. Indented chests, and hockey stick legs identify these clowns!

And the personal trainers.

FRED FITNESSTRAINER– Fred has all the certifications, and has passed all the written requirements, he just seemed to forget the physical ones. Usually can be seen with 2 to 3 others built like him, and can be heard telling them what everyone is doing wrong. This of course is between bites from his Twinkies while proclaiming he is bulking for some non-existent powerlifting meet he has been training for, for the last 12 years.

And this girl makes you forget how sore you are…

CARLY CAMELTOE– Carly is AMAZING!! Straight off the treadmill, nice sweat going on, and straight to the weight room for the intense workout portion of her day. Face down on the leg curl machine, tight shorts, up the legs go…Need I say more? Heh heh heh…