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Who's Hung Over?




Two weeks sober today.

It's weird to be up early on a Saturday, not feeling like shit. I'm probably going to have to do something with my kids today.


This is a site about health, hence the lack of responses. Maybe you should be asking that question on an MTV forum somewhere...


it should be illegal to have 10 car bombs in an hour =/


1) check out the binge eating thread

2) its 330 and i'm still hungover. 151 is insane. Apparently I ended up tearing a door off its hinges at my friends house and i didn't mean to. It was a good night.


only if you puke




St. Patrick's day. enough said.


I think if you lodge whatever's stuck up your ass a little further it might make walking a little more comfortable.


Holy Christ fuck me.

I was in NYC, drinking all over the place. We met some fella from Dublin, and took him out drinking there.

Saw a fight, watched the horse cops slam a guy into a bus, drank myself stupid, and took a billion shots of Hennessey with a guy from Ireland. Not only that, but being stumblin drunk in NYC is just cool.

Awesome. 364 days until next year...


baaa get the stick out of your ass.

It's St. Patty's Day. The mother of all shindigs...one day can be a good time.


Had a blast last night, just did it right. Quit eating around 5ish..

Around 7 had one spike, started drinkin round 10ish, had 3 drinks and smoked a fatty. Great night all around, even got lucky too. Probably had one of my best St pattys day ever.

Everything in moderation people, no need to overdo it. Find that medium level :slightly_smiling:


I'm planning on NY next year also.

I hit up Cheltenham for the Gold Cup (we owned the place this year, 1st 2nd & 3rd in the Cup and no shortage of winners), turned a tidy little profit and obviously HAD to go and celebrate. Then I went down to London this aft for a premiership game, watched Arsenal abuse Charlton like a Vietnamese hooker. Then caught the rugby (we beat England).

Fuckin awesome weekend for the Irish.


This site is abouit being a huge, jacked, badass mofo for some of us. Read TC's "Dangerously Hardcore".



Being from Northern Ireland myself, I lay on my accent thick, and talk to any random person and solicit them to buy me a guinness. Prolly had about 12 pints of Guinness at the bar and spent less than $40. Fuckin beautiful, got stupid fucked up though.




Carbombs not only hurt in the morning, but continue hurting throughout breakfast the next day. Bad idea to consume that much cream.


You spend less than $40, and I'm assuming you meant that as in people bought you the majority of those pints? Even if you bought all 12 pints, that's about $3.33 each. Where do you drink that you pay that much?


10 Guiness and 10 Shots of Jameson (not even factoring in the Bailey's)... you'd either be dead or would've thrown up wayyy before you finished that.

I doubt you did 10 carbombs in an hour.


People can do 10 carbombs in an hour. where do you go to school?