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Who's Hotter Dem's or Rep's?


Who's got the lions share of hotter chicks, democrats or republicans? Every time I see a democratic female making commentary they are usually butt-fucking-ugly. So I think the republicans have the hotter chicks, but I could be wrong.

I wonder if this influences my vote? I am independent but tend to vote republican because there isn't much fucking choice. I tend to disagree with 95% of the tenets of the democratic party on only about 50% of the republican party...But having the hot chicks on your side sure can swing a vote.


I agree with this statement.

It's kinda like selling blockbuster movies to 13 year old boys. More hot chicks == kickass movie.


Why can't we have beauty and brains?



One of those parties would have to have a monopoly on brains first. I don't see that happening anytime soon.


Actually, looking this up, I would have to go with the Dem supporters. They have Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Cameron Diaz, Scarlet Johansson,Natalie Portman, just to name a few. Speaking of Scarlet...


yes..those celebrities..bastions of knowledge that they are..


That goes for both sides of the fence, but that's why there's the volume control and the mute button.






You lose.



Your first point goes without saying..It's just..when people even remotely relate celebrities to politics..I get this weird taste in my mouth..




I agree, it's the reason why I don't really watch TV any more, you always got some celeb out there telling you what to think and how to vote. I'm sure most of them are paid to do it, but still.




SNAFU- (sna-foo) n. - A situation that's completely wrong and comfortably right at the same time.

The two hottest chicks (Alba and Biel) representing the political party of social liberty and moral flexibility refuse to get naked for any camera. Certainly they represent only the abstraction of beauty and refuse to get naked for money. While the two hottest chicks (Carey and Damayo) representing the political party of social responsibility and moral fortitude, are porn stars. Of course, they could only represent the reality of beauty and can be seen naked for almost any amount of money.

I love politics.


True. First they use the hottest women they can find to push their agenda, as well as the most mainstream of stars from hollywood, to music. The next time is getting the children in the ads, I despise those as much as the male celebrities giving their political opinions.


Right, celebrities shouldn't be entitled to hold political opinions.


We finally agree on something.


There entitled to their opinion and strongly encouraged to shut the fuck up. Just 'cause they can act and sign doesn't mean their opinions on politics are worth a steaming pile of dog shit.