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Who's Greasing Their Minimized Nut Sack?


I’d like to try it for 6 months. Any Canadians on it?

Watched a minute. he looks like a Greasy used car salesman who wears suits that are too big for him. His look, his voice, the backdrop of the video. It all seems so amateurish and like a 3am infomercial.

But I have no idea who he is.

LOL He has written several books and only hosts a panel of 4+ top TRT docs, on his YouTube channel, every Wednesday evening, in the world…

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Ya I googled him after.

Just saying how I feel though bro.

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Curious to see what the forums reaction to this is given the general negative attitude towards transdermals

I try not to throw the baby out with the bathwater as a general rule, and it seems like Jay has a really good knowledge base about TRT, but he needs to stay in his lane. His emails refer to curing cancer by yourself, David Icke and the lizard people, anti-vaccine BS, and tapping into the vibrational energy of people.

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The biggest problem I have with covering my nuts with T gel/cream is it really raises your dihydrotestosterone ( DHT ) My prptocol has been stable for a couple years now I have no interest in experimenting.

Why the back of the scrotum as opposed to, well, anywhere else on the scrotum?

He is quite tinfoil hat / hippy-dippy BUT this is the stuff that brought him out of severe suicidal depression so I give him a pass. He has great guests. The end justifies the means. The cream is a protocol Dr. Keith Nichols has had a lot of success with with himself and with his patients.

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I would guess because we don’t have much or any hair back there. Saves one from shaving.

He’s brought so much knowledge to men in TRT. His research and books have changed everything we know. Doctors wrote chapters for his books and suggest he is an expert in the field. The guys definitely passionate and can get a little carried away. Then again isn’t that what passion does to a man.

I don’t see the same qualities my friend. Maybe you are just being too Critical! Lolll it’s ok we al have opinions.

All this every day, every other day, no ai info has been spread through his brand and mediums. You should check out his tot Revolution round tables. The docs on his shows are the docs we all want as our personal providers. If money wasn’t an issue.

Yah he’s a sales guy. That is his career and he has tons of info on many subjects. Take what you can and leave the rest. I personally like to focus on one topic and become an expert throughout my career. Rather than evolving into a 7 hat man.