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Who's Got Something Older?


Got this baby in the freezer.
Let's see what ya got.


I don't think my 6 year old soy protein burgers in the back of my freezer that I'm never going to eat should be photographed....


Prohormones and Ephedra pills sitting in the cabinet and collecting dust.


I have a bit of vanilla ice cream left over from last September.


Metabolic Drive wouldnt happen to be quite old enough, would it?


prohormones, epheda, ephedra thermogenics, we have em up north here and they are all new. Oh Canada eh?!?!

(dont confuse that statement to mean they are on the shelves, just the penalties are not nearly as severe as your current government thinks they should be...

fahhhk i hope they arent tracing this... shit! Run, ahhhh, "click - bang bang"

............tell them i was a good man, i'm-i'm---ah man, you shot me?!?!?!?! why'd you shoot me?!?!? oh, my M1T?!?! or the Androstenedione!?!??! the pain.... i'm getting cold... sleepy now.....)


In order of age:
Three or four of the "big" MAG-10 bottles
7 anabolic super stacks (MAG-10, TRIBEX, and M)
3 bottles of the original MAG-10 formula.

I think I have some MD-6 and T2 as well.


Frozen Cat from last winter. no joke


Bet you can't top this....



I have not one but 2 bottles of Androsol.


When I moved last July I found a bottle of pickles with a date of 10-99 on 'em.

Sure were tasty.


Thats crazy. Maybe I can send them my frozen cat as a pet for the frozen grandpa.


He, he ... funny.


Got two of those Methoxy-7.


i got an old bottle of tetracycline from last summer when i had an allergic reaction and had to stop taking it... its an acne med but they say and old bottle that has expired is stronger than arsnic as far as poisins go... now who do i not like?


There is an mom and pop health food store out here in the Valley that up until about a year ago still had a box of Cybergenics for sale. It was priced at forty bucks, I was gonna wait until the price dropped a little lower but I guess someone else bought it. Oh, and I still have about ten bottles of my case of T2 left.