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Who's Going to the Arnold?

How many of you juice-monkeys are going? It’s March 5-7 in lovely Columbus Ohio.

I think it would be pretty cool to get together and hang out, maybe do a workout, party, see if we’re really as twisted as we appear to be from our posts.


Oh, and P-Dog and RU12NVME you guys could fly together and have a little contest to see who can fit more stuffed animals in the overhead bin. LOL

Wouldn’t miss it for the world.(yes, this is my first post here.) Been lurking in the shadows for a few years though. :slight_smile: Hope to meet some of you test filled sobs.

you paying? If so I am there, I will bring suffed animals to keep ru calm. He just cant give them back to me.

I am going to watch the WPO…big martin

Hey warhorse, why not set something up for the NOC in NY in may. I will be there.

yeahf your paying im going. honestly i could give a fuck about pro bb, but i would like to see the whole expo and other stuff they have there.

Ditto JT. I’m aiming to hit the NOC in May. Should be a kick-ass show.

I will be there!

Mike Mahler

I like to see how big they are in person. Oh and checking out all the fitness chics walking around is always a bonus. hmmmmmmm

JT, you haven’t seen these dudes in person? The magazines give them no credit whatsoever. It’s like watching a super-hero comic book come to life. Your jaw is guaranteed to drop.

Oh, and having Jen Hendershott rub up against you while you get your pic with her ain’t bad either. Hella!

lol. yeah I bet. I have seen and spoken to dave palumbo many times. He lives by me. And there is a guy at my gym that was national level, but lost it cause he hasnt competed in years, but is about 5’9" 260 shredded year round. I am going to see if I can scan a pic of me with coleman from about 3yrs ago at the atlantic states. I was 160 at the time.

I’ll be there. I go every year. I’ve only seen the actual show once, it’s the expo that is the interesting part.

RU can’t go. He will be too busy driving back from Michigan. I have to be back to work by the fifth of March, sorry. Otherwise I would have been more than delighted to see how many stuffed animals me and P Dog could shove up Warhorse and JT’s ass. How many do you think would fit in there between the two of them P Dog? I bet they would’nt even put up a fight either just pretend like they did’nt want it. OH YEAH, we know your type. NO…DON’T…STOP! Really means NO DON’T STOP!

Hey you big guys! Not a member of the juicing nation…but my training partner and I will be there. Keep me in mind when you start planning your get together as I would love to meet all members of the forum while there. I want some group pics and maybe a group hug… ;o)

well judging by the fact that they are both big, goofy, country, oki’s im guessing they could probably handle at least 4 each.

Iron Maiden, you’d be welcome at any gathering.

Now Twelvenme, that sort of talk is neither appropriate, nor frightening. Have you ever seen the gigantic, furry flying snake/dragon thing from the old movie “The Neverending Story?”

Some of that was filmed bluescreen in what I like to call my “Depositorium” during a run of 5,000+ calorie bulking-days.

Holy Shit, I bet there is one hell of an echo in there :stuck_out_tongue: Looks like I am going to have to do the Dew for this one then eh? Oh, on a sidenote, how the hell did you keep that furry thing so clean?

I’m with Patricia. I’m not a juicer, but I’d love to meet you guys and ladys if you will count me in.


Well I’d love to meet all the T-men and T-women, I didn’t mean to limit it to juicers, this just happens to be where I do most of my hanging out.

If you’re going, let us know on this thread - the more, the merrier!