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Whos going to the Arnold Fitness Expo?

I guess the subject title says it all. Who’s planning on going to the Arnold Fitness Expo this weekend. I’m planning on hitting it both Friday and Saturday.

I will be there with my wife and my training partner. We aren’t totally sure where we are going yet but I have been there in the past. We are coming from Ft Wayne In. Any directions would be helpful.

I will be there on Friday. Anyone else going to be there that was at the “No Holds Barred” seminar as well? If so please post.

Directions: From Indianapolis take I-70 east to the 4th Street Exit in Columbus. Go North on 4th to Nationwide Boulevard. You may have to make another left onto High Street, but you should be able to see the Greater Columbus Convention Center from Nationwide Blvd.

I’ll be there from Thursday night until Sunday with a small crew other T-mag-type cats. I have some great connections (Ohio State friends and stuff) in the area and will be partying and trying to pick up fitness babe chicks all weekend (might as well shoot for the best). Always open to partying with fellow t-mag people! I guess we’ll see ya around the biotest booth.