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Who's Going to See the Olympia This Year?


I went to the 2007 Olympia and it was a blast! I have to say that I had more fun at the expo getting free stuff then i did at the contest. Meeting all the figure competitors was the greatest! I left with 14 t-shirts and 2 huge bags of supplements. I also met Phil, Branch, Dex, Ronnie, Lou Forigno. There was a bikini contest, UFC fighters, etc.

So who's planning on flying out to Vegas this year?

  • Adam




I wish I was going. Not a good time on my schedule.

I haven't been this enthused over the Olympia line-up for over a decade.


If im still living in Vegas (may be moving) i'll go to the expo, but probably not the contest cause it's like $75 for the nosebleed tickets and from what I've heard if your not on the main floor you cant see shit.

I'll be pumped for all of the pros that show up to the local gyms I go to, around that time they always do photo shoots and what not.


I have to agree, even though they have large monitors, it's really hard to see the competitors.