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Who's Getting a PS3?


It's been a long long time since I had a game console. The last one I bought was the Sega Genesis (I think) with Sonic the Hedgehog.

I'm starting to get interested in the PS3 though. Certainly not for Christmas or anything like that, but maybe some time next year...

What do you guys think?

Oh, yeah, crawling around the web I've found that you can load Linux on the PS3, which is cool for ultra-geek types like myself.



I'm not in a rush, but I will probably get one by mid summer.


Thanks for the link, damned interesting read given the current state of affairs in the gaming industry!

I'm not a big microsoft fan... it's very difficult for me to consider supporting their company.


I will be picking one up ither next month or feb.


I'm waiting right now on all system purchases. Usually the first batches have some problems anyways. In a couple of months hopefully the prices will go down.


PS2 is the last console I'll ever by from Sony.

Unless their production quality goes way up and a huge set of must-have titles debut exclusively on their system.

I'm getting a wii and I can't wait.


I still don't see what people think is so great about the wii. It looks like it might be fun at family get togethers if your uncles and aunts want to play bowling inside the house, but other than that, I just don't get the appeal.


There will be shit games for it for a while. No need to spend that money on it and battle people for it now. Around June we should see what its capable of. Right now all games look and run worse than their 360 counterparts.

If you like to play games online FORGET about it. Its a train wreck that may never be cleaned up.


When it comes to video games though, Sony is the company undeserving of any support. They're infamous for their over-promising and under-delivering as well as their horrible mud-slinging. Plus, they are getting stomped so far in this generation.

When they've reduced costs, fixed the problems that lead to crashes, and actually have some titles out worth owning, then it'll be worth buying a PS3.


Somehow my luck's running high recently. My girlfriend actually won a PS3 in a raffle for a single $10 ticket and instead of turning it around for a $1000 dollar profit, she gave it to me for Christmas. Lucky Me!!

So, that said, I haven't played it much, but I'll throw out my prelim thoughts. I've only got the one Blu-ray movie that came with it, Talladega nights, and one game that I bought from a really shitty selection at the local BX, Ridge Racer 7. I've got Resistence: Fall of Man ordered, hopefully that'll give me a better idea of the unit's capabilities.

- Hooked up the HDMI cable to my LCD (only up to 1080i though), beautiful graphics, but since they've been screaming that since the beginning they'd better deliver on this one. The one movie I have is very sharp, and the one game I have looks great!
- The wireless controller is nice
- The motion sensor is an interesting touch, makes playing games (or at least the one I have) a bit more inclusive

- The 60GB version comes with a standard (yellow, red, white) A/V cable??? What???? Extra $70 for HDMI and Optical cables. Not happy about this one.
- Extra controllers do Not come with a USB cord for recharging, must buy separately.
- Haven't tried online yet, but thinking I'll be dissapointed

Those are just main points. The unit itself is very nice looking, though pretty large, about original XBox size I'd guess. The initial setup and getting all the display and sound options set up is a bit of a pain in the ass, especially since it seems to just pick how it displays anyhow.

Overall I think it'll end up being a really nice system. I can already tell the games are going to be great considering the initial batch looks very good. Again I haven't had the opportunity to put it through a really thorough play test yet, but just figured I'd throw some thoughts out there.


i agree.....

Go to businessweek.com and read their article on Sony PS3's. Basically a poor choice at this point in time.

I would wait till they come out with a seond wave of PS3's after they've fixed all their glitches....

Not to mention the fact that if you go to gamespot.com, the PS3 does not have a single game that rates higher than a 8.6 (out of 10).

In my experience games rated around 8 - 8.8 are fun but get old pretty quick. Games rated 9.0 and higher are always good with great replayability.

Not to hijack the thread but anyone play Gears of Wars yet? Now that's a sick game....

For the record....I love my Xbox360.

I recommend checking out gamespot.com for game reviews. They've never done me wrong and I find all their reviews in depth and always on point.

Once or twice I've ignored their suggestions and purchased games rated under 8.0 and was bored after an hour or two...I highly redommend that site when doing research for games.


Hmm, I'm not willing to "slam" the PS3 because it is new... that's not a valid problem really. The reverse compatibility glitches are a demonstrated issue at the moment, presumably to be fixed with firmware upgrades.

Price is obviously a consideration that will depend on whether you have the cash or not.

Maybe if they are smart they'll provide some incentives to get more people online for the first six months after any particular game release?

I'll buy nothing at all if my only other choice is that I buy a Microsoft box... :wink:


that's cool...nothing wrong with a man who stand by his beliefs.

but just to clarify....I am not slamming the PS3. I just don't think it is a wise choice "at this point in time."

If you do end up getting a console, however, definitely check out gamespot.com. Extremely helpful.


Sony are just as bad as a company. Choosing to support MS or Sony is like deciding who you like more between Stalin and Hitler.

As for buying a PS3, I'd wait at least until Christmas 2007 to see if the games will be worth it.

If you want a console now, you'd be better off getting a PS2 or an Xbox. I like the Xbox because you can modify it into a pretty kick-ass media center, but either one has enough games available to keep you busy for at least a year.

And if you get an Xbox, Xbox Live and a copy of Fight Night Round 2, you'll be able to punch me in the face virtually. : )


I've still got a backlog of PS2 (and even PSX!) games. My brother just bought a 360, because he figured if he was going to blow a few hundred on an HD-DVD player, it might as well play games.

We're trying to get a hold of the Wii (we split the cost for the Gamecube and plan to do the same here). I'll probably end up getting a PS3, but definitely will wait for a price drop on this one, however long it takes. Or I'll wait for "freeps3.com" or something.


Professor X has the point. The only advantage Wii has on the other new gen consoles is the Wiimote. I don't see how hard it is for Sony and Microsoft to match that. Especially for Sony, who came up with all sort of interactive gadgets like lightgun, eyetoy, buzz, guitar, drum, dancemat etc. on PS1 and PS2.



It is very gimmicky, and Nintendo seem to be getting out of the habit of dishing out benchmark titles regularly with Rare plying their trade elsewhere. It's a bit of a shame.


The funny thing is that the XBox and XBox 360 are one of the few areas that Microsoft really nailed from the start (please don't read this to mean they hit perfection... just that they did a really nice job).

The 360 has a great array of games out now, the interface is actually very well-thought out and easy to navigate and I find it incredibly handy how it doubles as a Windows Media Center Extender (so I can stream all my music from my computer upstairs to my TV downstairs).

I would say to try someone else's 360 and try not to focus too much on it being a Microsoft product just to see if you like the gaming experience. In the end, that's all that matters. People just LOVE to debate the specs of each machine as if that is the deciding factor and, in the end, it can mean very little since it matters what game developers do with all of that pretty hardware.


Have either of you guys played it? While I agree it looks gimicky, I imagine that will just be a "for-now" kinda thing. I think that as the console ages you will see more games that compete with the other 2 systems in the traditional sense, along with games that utilize the wiimote.

There are several normal games out for it right now, no?

Madden 07 gameplay footage:

Zelda Gameplay:


I think its great and pretty fun. Different strokes for different folks. No family get togethers for me. The PS3 is unappealing to me. It depends on what kind of titles are for it and what people want from a system.