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Who's Ever Been Robbed?


my friend just got back from visiting family for the holidays, and he came home to an empty house!
ok, so "burglarized" is the correct term, because he had no contact with the theives.

he got clipped for a ton of shit, PS3, Wii, ipod, televisions, computers, firearms (they took his 500lb. gun safe,wtf!)

the cops got a couple of good prints, but I feel like he won't see most of that stuff again.

I've only had stuff stolen a couple of times and it wasn't major but man I was pissed! I can't even imagine what's going on with him right now.

and none of his neighbors saw anything suspiscious...


I think you will find that burgled is the correct term.

Not personally been hit but when I was living in digs at uni two other rooms in my flat were burgled whilst we were upstairs in the lounge. That took some serious balls on the part of the burgler.


Man thats really weird! Maybe it was his neighbors. haha.


Damn, that sucks.
I've never had anything stolen.


I was born and grew up in South Africa, so hell yes I've been robbed; never anything serious taken since they were all muggings (phone & money at worst).

Side story:
A friend of mine went back to SA earlier this year for a holiday (he lives in the UK too), and was mugged when out with 2 other friends. He was out getting some alcohol and held up at gun point by 2 guys. They took his wallet(600 pounds in it), phone and shoes.

They reported it to some cops in the area, and the best part was the 2 lady cops he reported it to in the street laughed at them for getting their shoes taken - they never even bothered trying to find the guys.

I guess I left before I became a statistic there.


RSGZ, whereabouts in SA are you from? My parents are from Joburg and Porth Eliz.


In my last place, I was hit twice and my truck was stolen for a third, unrelated incident.

First time was some kid hitting various houses in the neighborhood. He took a laptop, a mason jar full of quarters, and some frozen chicken out of the freezer. He ended up getting caught and confessed to a couple houses, but not mine.

This was by far the worst incident. I felt so violated. My place was trashed and the door was pried right open.

Second time I was in the front yard while some jackass was trying to reach in my kitchen window. He got a hold of my girlfriend's purse, but couldn't get anything of value from it. He might have gotten away with my salt and pepper shakers.

After this, I put constantino wire around my windows, but my landlord made me take it down.

My truck was stolen while I was out of town for New Years. I was stupid though and left in parked on the street while I was gone.


I'm from Joburg ofcourse(South side) - crime capital of the world!


I've been (oops) broken in to several times. When the dog was home, he barked, burglars spooked, nothing was taken. No dog, things were taken. Dogs are the best visible, audible deterrent.

I had gas stolen twice when the prices were up higher a few months ago. I stayed up nights trying to catch someone, no results.


when I lived in a big town my house was never hit I have aqlways had rotties,dobies and someone was always home.

I have known people who got broken into,my car broken into once in a walmart parking lot, I caught the guy in my car and chased him to the back of the store,and he was not a happy little thug that day.

Ya, it was stupid because he could have been armed and shot me,whatever
well I have my CCW and side arm with me at all times so its ok.

now in my own home living alone,I have security doors,bars on the windows,Tamper resistant film on the window glass,which is also tinted so it helps with the heating and cooling costs and they are on dual pane gas filled windows,a 150 pound great dane a 60 pound chow.which own their own bedroom in my house they come outside when I am outside and when they want to potty they are house dogs all the way.
that and no neighbors for about 2 miles.

It would take forever to break into my home,and I am never gone really long enough as I work from home also.
if someone did break in the chances of me catching them or atleast finding them in a local ER with dog bite wounds are highly in my favor.


I've had my car broken into twice.

The first time I was only 19. I was stupid enough to leave my wallet in the car and the dipshit(s) managed to max out my credit card and run my bank account balance into a hole in under 24 hours. I also had over a hundred cd's taken.

The second time was about a year ago. Nothing was taken accept the face to my cd player. I was planning on purchasing a new one anyways, so no big deal. They also tried to get into my glove box, but without a key, they only managed to rip the handle off.


My last apartment was robbed. I'm convinced it was neighbors or someone that knew my schedule because they waited until it was dark, but just before I got home from work.

They pretty much stole a bunch of CD binders that were full of CDs, my guitar and an old video camera. My XBOX was on the floor, so it looks like that was the next thing they were trying to take.

They ransacked the bedroom, which creeped me out a bit. I didn't like the idea of someone going through all of my underwear.

The only other thing they took that really pisses me off was a box that had just about every ticket stub for all the movies and concerts I had been to since I was about 10. That's the only thing that couldn't be replaced.

About a year later, I had my identity stolen. I get a letter from a credit card company saying they were concerned about the opening of a new account and some charges made recently. I call them and find out it was for a Wal-Mart credit card in Georgia (or something). They investigated that though and sent me a letter a month later saying I wasn't responsible for that.


When I was about 10 we got back from a holiday and a shitload of stuff had been taken. We probably had like 5 cd's and got about 100 back through insurance. We were probably bette off afterwards.

I've had my car stolen, and its actually a pretty funny story. I had blown the motor up the previous week, but you could still start it(piston had come off the crank and cracked the block)so it made the loudest, most disgusting noise.

So I was working as a delivery driver at the time and I saw my own car on the side of the road about 5km from where I lived. I couldn't believe they got that far but they must of got a suprise when they started it. My mum was home at the time too, and she heard it and tried to pursuit them but lost them.

Anyway, about 5 mins after I had found it the cops showed up saying they were looking for it, then about another 5 mins later my mum shows up.

Turns out it wasn't covered for theft though, which is too bad because if it was I might of got a new engine for free!


I went to OSU for college and I decided to stay home one Thanksgiving. I lived on 14th and 4th which is getting a little far off campus into more ghettoish areas.

My roomate was a drug dealer, more of a modest distributor really, and DJ and not too discreet about things. He moved a lot of shit and had shoeboxes full of twenties and fifties.

Anyway, it was a 3 story house and I had the attic to myself. I heard a noise downstairs and went to check it out. I put a little smith and wesson swat series pocket knife in my pocket just in case.

So there two guys in my house, one starts hitting my with a crowbar. I fought away from him ran to the front door which was locked w/ the guy hot on my heels. Fought away from him again and ran past his buddy out the backdoor, which was crowbarred open.

I ran around until I found some dudes having thanksgiving dinner who ran back w/ me to help. Tough guys too, one grabbed a turkey carving knife and the other a bat. The cops showed up about 30 sec too late and the dudes got away w/ some turntables and a mixer.

I got decently messed up. 7 stitches in my cheek and a bunch of big hematomas on my head. I wish I kicked the guys ass, but I'm really happy to just have made it out of the house. I was really no worse for the wear, and got a bottle of pain killers which studying for finals kind of pointless.

The fuckers didn't get any of my shit at least, and I've never felt adrenaline like that ever in my life. I even peed a tad in my pants. A real crazy experience.

They never found the guys either and probably never will.


Got jacked in Vegas for a rental car and my wallet, with my wife and two kids in the car (2 blocks off the strip). Dude was reasonably cool about it actually, let us all get out and didn't feel like he needed to shoot me or hit me with his gun. Funny thing is, my wife had all of our cash on her, he got what I estimated at the time was 35 dollars and my credit cards. The cards were not used.

Really fucked my kids up though. They were 12 and 8 at the time. They lost a big part of their childhood that day. Lots of counseling, anxiety, fear of unknown places. The damages from that kind of thing go so far beyond a financial loss it ain't even funny.

You always think you could grab the gun, shit like that. This fool had the gun cocked, finger on the trigger, pointed at my head. You don't think about doing dumb shit, you think about letting this fool take whatever he wants. Pretty shitty. I'm feeling anxious right now.


where do u live?




That sux man I'm sorry


I had my purse stolen once. I had just started a new job at a grocery store, turned around, turned back, and it was gone.

It had my license, checkbook, $3, a $15 gift card, a few credit cards, and my SS card.

I canceled the cards, and the thief dropped the purse with the license, SS card, and checkbook in the neighboring McDonald's drive through. The manager there recognized me and so I got those back.

I canceled all the cards and thought I was lucky with a loss of $18, until I started getting bills for a Limited card ($500 and $700) that had been among the canceled cards. This was literally years later. Turns out the thief or whoever had the card went to the Limited, bought shit, and when the card wouldn't go through, they "forced" it through somehow. Duh. They didn't hold me for the charges.

I also had a card number stolen earlier this year, and used to buy groceries in the middle of Mexico. No idea how they got that number, but thank goodness for fraud protection.

Vader, I had underwear stolen from the laundry when I lived in the dorms. Creepy isn't the feeling to describe it.


While I was working at an Abercrombie(yes, you may laugh), we had just closed the front doors and we're clocking out in the back when some huge guy all covered up in black clothing came in and waved a gun around at us and pointed the gun at my stomach, and preceded to go towards the safe. We all stood there for about a two seconds, and realized we were getting robbed and ran out to the sales floor. It was kind of weird how we all had that two second delay.

We didn't realize that there was more guys with guns out front making people lay down and give them their cell phones so no one could call 911, but I managed to keep mine. There was a lot of workers there bc the overnight shift was about to start, and everyone got on the ground. The two other armed guys ran to the back to leave through the back door. What was sort of funny was someone dropped their cup of soda when running and one robber slipped and busted his ass.

All of us were on the floor and didn't know if they were gonna come back to the front. I was on the ground and took out my cell phone to call 911. My whole body was shaking, I guess form the shock and adrenaline, and some girls were crying. What pissed me off was as soon as I dialed 911, my phone was on silent, but it made a really loud beeping sound, which I later learned activated GPS or something like that. I was afraid the robbers heard it but by that time they already left. After I was thinking, If someone's is getting robbed in their house and were hiding in the closet or something and called 911 from their cell, their phone would automatically beep really loud, and they would be screwed bc the burglars would definitely hear it,even if their phone was on silent.

Anyways, the cops showed a little later but the robbers got away already. It turns out it was an inside job and all the robbers were previous employers. Someone that was working opened the front doors for them. One of the robbers pistol whipped the manger and made him open up the safe. I always wondered if their guns were loaded or not.

40&Big, I definitely agree with you. Everyone always says that they would remember who robbed them and get really good details, but I couldn't remember anything except the guys were all covered up in dark clothing. My friends told me they would have jumped the guys, done some close quarters combat shit, took their guns, and shot them. Please, when you are looking down a barrel of a gun thats pointed at you, thats not the thing you are thinking about doing.

Sorry for the long post, I tried to make it brief.