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Who's Doing Wendler Boring But Big?


Whos doing it and what are your results? im going to the 12th week, and it is getting a little tougher , now im calling for 240 for 5x10 on the flat bench which will prolly not b that easy what if i dont get all the 10 reps on the 5 sets? do any of you guys add in any assistance stuff besides the usual 3 sets for bis and tris? when do u add it in and what do you add?



Maybe you're just a master of understatement. I hope so.

Cause I'm pretty sure that MONSTERS (all caps) don't care if things are easy or not.


Considering the last BBB 5x10 bench was 205 , which was "easy" so that is what iam comparing it to, now if you could answer the question, what if i get to say the 4th set and only get 8??


I missed reps the first couple times and i jus kept at it until i finished a total of 50. Now i dont miss reps at all however i am much weaker than you my 5x10 on bench is 140. Also I like to superset my 5x10 with BBB rows. I then pick another pulling movement usually chins cable rows or hammer strength.


you're doing 240 for 5x10? you do realise that the 5x10 assistance uses about 50-60% of your max right? meaning your max is 480?

"I missed reps the first couple times and i jus kept at it until i finished a total of 50" sounds good to me.
just do what you think works for you. if you really wanna do it BY THE BOOK (as in really 5x10) reduce the weight, and when that gets too easy, increase.


/thinly veiled brag


3rd month is 70% of ur "training max" my bench 1rm is 375, meaning training max is 340 and 70% of training max is 240, or 237 but 240 is the chart number to use soooooo...........


I'm about to start BBB, so I might as well post this question here

Isn't 50% of your max x 10 a bit low?
Obviously I don't know because I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds like it. Unless I keep the rest intervals between the 5 sets at 60secs or so


Where did you get that 3rd month is 70% of your training max? Is that from his recent Boring But Big Challenge (or whatever it was called)? Most people just use 50-60% of their training max. Since the training max is increasing each cycle, there is no need to increase the percentage of that rising number.

But if you can get 240 for 10 five times, more power to you. My bench is higher than yours and I don't think I could do it personally.


really? i just glanced over the BBB section of the ebook and he says 50 to 60%

though mine is the first edition, maybe he's changed a few things over the years?


I'm pretty sure its the Boring But Big 3 Month Challenge he wrote a month or so ago.


If your not used to it 5 sets of 10 is pretty hard so 50% is about right. Its just a starting point so you can always up weight next week, but only increase by the minimum increments, 2.5 plates on barbell lifts.


My life is boring but big. So, I don't need to train for it.


This is just me but I followed the 50% for squats BBB and didn't really feel like I am getting much from it so I raised it up. At the time, my max squat was 365 and that means I should be doing 5x10 @ 185. The first cycle was a bit challenging but when next cycle began, I grew accustomed to the volume and the little addition in weight to the 5x10 was completed effortlessly. What I changed was to do ATG squats for my 5x10 sets with the 50% prescribed weights and it was the sweet spot (at the same time, it worked on my bottom which was my weakness). Now I rotate between ATG squats or paused squats for the 5x10 as opposed to regular squats.

Same goes for benching. What I did was switched it to either paused CGBP or paused bench press.

Just some modification to fit my needs.

The BBB Challenge sounds intense and I have yet to try it out...maybe next cycle...


at 70%? that would mean you're doing the BBB challenge. If you read the article he advises you to not do ANY or VERY MINIMAL assistance work after the BBB sets. Also eat like a mad man to recover from soreness and to gain weight. Your strength isn't meant to go up during the BBB challenge, that isn't the primary goal. The whole idea behind it was to get the prescribed 5/3/1 reps and go crazy for the 5x10 for hypertrophy.

You're doing something wrong, either not eating enough to gain weight or overdoing it on assistance work.

I run 5/3/1 but I only use 50% for boring but big, I might do the challenge next month.


Yes iam referring to the BBB challenge, and yea im pretty sure it is gonna get kinda tight on the 240 x10 for five sets, i will keep u posted that is y it is called the 3 month challenge..........


You didn't explain in your first post that you were doing the 3 month challenge, hence a bit of confusion about it.

Generally the 50-60% of your max, with 60-90 seconds rest between sets isn't as easy as you would think.

Im of the idea that if you are missing all the reps, not by maybe 1 or 2, but only getting 7 or less, the weight is too heavy. But Im a small bencher, so take what I say with a grain of salt. 5x10x240 is a dream for me!


Well, I'll say two things: 1) Yes, its supposed to be hard. Its called a challenge. 2) My current bench PR is also 375, so fuck it, my next bench day I'll give it a shot and let ya know how it goes.


Doing BBB for me has arised a conditioning issue. More than feeling that the weight is heavy (i'm using 55% of my trianing max) i just get gassed when doing squats and deads and i have a hard time locking out the last reps of oh presses. Bench goes just fine, lying down is always fine lol.

Thinking about trying that BBB challenge in the future.


I would say if you are at 70% and you can't get all the reps you should lower the weight slightly. I know in the Second Edition Jim addresses that issue. He suggest pyramiding down if you feel the need to make sure you get all the reps planned.

I'm following the Challenge right now. I have had trouble with presses but not bench. It is an ass kicker though.