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Who's Doing SVR & How Is It?


One of the more interesting methods, for me at least, that I found in Beyond 5/3/1 was the SVR variation of 5/3/1. I wanted to keep it simple and chose BBB with Jokers and FSL but I am really curious about SVR. I want to do BBB for a few cycles since things are going very well for me but am interested in hearing about people using SVR and their experience with it.


I just recently started it. I like it's set up. Kind of like doing a heavy week, lighter week, max out week, then I still go deload on week 4. It's a really good change of pace. I cycle through my volume on assistance too depending on the week. Like week 1 high volume, week 2 moderate, week 3 high, week 4 low.


What does your training template / log look like? I'm curious if things like Joker Sets or FSL hav e a place in the training or not. What does the assistance work look like.


Like this:

week 1 70, 80, 90% main lift then 5x10 on like 2 assistance lifts

week 2 65, 75, 85, 75, 65% main lift then like 3x8 on one assistance lift and maybe 3x20 on another one or two

week 3 75, 85, 95%, then try singles at 100% and make 5% jumps until I can't do another single then usually do last set first then 5x10 on another lift or two

week 4 do singles up to 100% of training max followed by like 3x10 or assistance stuff


From the looks of things you have morphed pieces of programs into one, in my opinion, odd looking program. The only thing I will mention is that if you were to truly follow Joker Sets + FSL and BBB assistance work the amount of work would be pretty high. I believe Jim even said on this forum that doing the BBB assistance work is unnecessary for Joker Sets + FSL.


Here's an example of what I do

Bench 5/3/1 reps
On 3s week I'll do like 5x10 bench and 5x10 rows

On 5s week I'll do like 3x8 rows or 3x20 on rows and curls or something

On 5/3/1 week, I'll just do first set last then do like rows 5x10 and maybe curls or something if I feel like it

It's nothing monumental or ground breaking

But thanks for your opinion


I don't think he's incorporating BBB into his training. 5x10 is a general set/rep scheme Jim set forth in his books for assistance work. BBB is more than just pure 5x10, it's the main set lift done at lower percentages for 5x10, or 5x5 depending on which variation of BBB you're doing. Doing something like DB rows for 5x10 isn't BBB, just assistance.


Well, I do the BBB assistance work on 3s week. If I do the first set last, I don't do anymore on that lift. I personally like to just do 50 reps most of the time on assistance work. I'll do it a la Chad Waterbury where I'll do about 20 reps on the first set then just keep pumping out sets of whatever till I reach 50. It seems less boring that way.