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....Who's Competing?

Wanted to reply from the Dog Pound post. Anyone who hasn’t yet responded competing in any events this year?

May 31st is my first bodybuilding show. Competing in either the teen or novice division at East Coast Bodybuilding Championships-a natural show with the ABA. I just turned 17, posted a pic online back in January i think. Its been a bitch but my progress is going well. Hardest obstical for me is getting my quads separated, but hopefully they’ll get there. P.S, picked my 90 second song. AC/DC Back in Black :slight_smile:

Wow, off to an early start!

Best of luck.

if you are talking about getting your quads to seperate when posing, try standing with feet a liitle narrower than shoulder width and try pushing your feet sideways/apart like you are trying to seperate the floor beneath you. all you upper parts of your quads should come out straight away.
Its a different look to the “ab and thigh” type of leg contraction but muscle seperation is more apparent.
just an idea.
i got a show the weekend after that, and have a shit load of wok ahead of me if im gonna come in lean and hard…fukn diet…fukn cardio…

How timely! My first show is tomorrow Saturday, March 29. I am competing in the Detroit and Novice Michigan Bodybuilding Championships in the Men’s Master Class (40 - 49 yrs) and in the Middleweight Open Class. I expect to take 1st Place in the Masters, but the Open class is anybody’s guess. Places are 1 through 5…I hope for 4th or 5th, but who knows…the middleweight class is always the toughest as I see it. Usually, because most guys fall in that weight range. Anyway wish me luck! I’ll return on Sunday and let you know how I placed; if I get any good pictures, I’ll post them on the Photo Board.

Let me leave you with the motivational chant I keep running through my head…“They’re Gonna Think Schwarzenegger Walked on Stage When I Come Out…”

Now if my wife or boys hear me say this one more time, I think I’ll be doing the show with a cast on…hehe…

Hey, check out my pic on the Photo BB. I placed 5th in the Master Men’s Class. Squeaked in and got a trophy. I’m happy considering it was my first contest. TenMan