Who's Been Using Sissy Squats?

I had known about these for a long time but honestly had never tried them, until I read that recent article by Ellington Darden.

I’ve incorporated them on leg day, immediately following my usual back squats. So far, I’ve been VERY impressed. They seem to “complete” the workout to be very non-scientific…as a tall lifter I don’t often feel that I get full quad stimulation with squats, and these really do a number on them.

I’ve been using them since the recent article by Ellington Darden too. And on my leg day too.

I found that using a barbell is much easier to balance yourself with than the dumbells. But it doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out…

I like them for activating my quads too… as I am built like my grandfather… a german farmer… I’m completely posterior-chain dominant. lol

Leave your ego at the door for this one though… and expect alot of stares… and questions:)

I just did them in my leg workout today. They really kicked my ass. Then again, this was my first leg workout in almost two months (recovering from injury), so everything kicked my ass.

I’ve used them before and I like them though. I sometimes use them instead of leg extensions or I’ll superset them with another exercise.

Not to sound naive, but how are sissy squats even good for your patellar tendon? Seems like a massive amount of stress place on it. Doesn’t it jack up your knee?

Haven’t done extensions in a while. Thinking of finishing a leg day with some higher reps on these…

I use them also while using a 2x4 to elevate heels. You don’t need a squat rack and you can pile on a lot of weight.

[quote]daudowen wrote:
I use them also while using a 2x4 to elevate heels. You don’t need a squat rack and you can pile on a lot of weight.[/quote]

You can pile on alot of weight with sissy squats???

A-You are not using proper form
B-You are super man
C-You are The incredible Hulk
D-You are doing heel elevated squats

They are called “sissy” squats for a reason


Personally I prefer holding a plate on my chest for sissy squats as opposed to dumbbells or barbells.

And I agree, I don’t know of anyone who can do a lot of weight on them.

I don’t use any weight.

Sissy squats are an awesome movement for hitting the quads. I feel them more in the meat around my knees than I do from leg extensions which I seem to feel more in the middle of the muscle belly.

For those who pre-exhaust they would be good to do before the traditional back squat I would think. As noted they are a killer finisher which is how I have been using them of late.

I prefer to use a plate or dumbell on the chest as suggested by DoubleDuce but I have a hell of a time managing the balance on these. I have seen guys doing them with the barbell behind the back and tried it. I fell flat on my rump. So I hold onto an upright while I do them. Just hold it for balance and dont pull from that arm if possible.

Great finishing exercise