Who's Attending Something Cool?

Become a T Nation Citizen Journalist

Are you attending a fitness or lifting seminar? Going to a big bodybuilding show or powerlifting event? A CrossFit competition? A health & fitness expo? Getting a certification of some sort?

Yeah? Then take us with you. Document it here in the Community. Start a topic and tell us what you saw and what you learned; what you liked and didn’t like. Upload videos and photos. Become sort of a citizen journalist for the T Nation fam.

Dani and I did this when we were invited to the CrossFit Games. It was fun roaming around, taking pics, and making observations about the event. But we can’t be everywhere.

So, if you’re attending any sort of event that fits within the T Nation genre, start a thread here and document it. Do a good job and we’ll toss some free T Nation swag your way.


By the way, no, we’re not suggesting that you video an entire seminar. Not fair to the presenter. Just review it and give us the highlights.

Now, if you are a coach or expert who’s giving a seminar, feel free to jump on here too. Great way to promote your next seminar or event.

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