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Thanks guys - hopped on the scale this morning -

BANG 210lbs !!!
That’s the heavist I’ve EVER been - 15 stone - damn!!
Then - hit the Accumeasure Body Fat Calipers and I’m ~12.7% (Which isn’t too bad.)

Put on 5+ lbs since we last spoke which is only 3-4 weeks ago …
I know it might sound crazy - but I don’t think I’ve put on any fat at all - is that possible?

I’ve just trained like CRAZY and lifted heavy (5x5) 1.5 hours of lifting, 5-days a week ate like a horse and just blew up!!!
Some mornings I saw myself grow.


I’m going to keep jacking the heavy weights but start to include a little more power and faster stuff…

I’m going to have to start cutting a little soon too - so any advice will be a big help…

I plan to keep the strength weights going until xmas and then just keep to mainenace after that.

Oh yeh -
Chris, CT, JB, Terry, Rank - hell all you guys - Thanks, hugs kisses and all that smiley happy shit …

Congrats, McG!!! There’s nothing better than dialing in all the variables and seeing results for all your hard work & effort.

Just doesn’t get any better, does it! (grin)

Yeh - I just trained CRAZY and ate like a Horse!!!

Well - with a bit of planning and intelligence thrown in also …