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Whom Here Really Cares


I'm not very strong. Now of course on most given days I'm one of the strongest guys in the gym if you total my big three but most people in my gym don't train the big three. Then every once in awhile I'll see a guy who's clearly a powerlifter who is way stronger then I. I don't really give a shit though as I'm usually larger/leaner ect. Yes I'm also more handsome just ask my mom :slight_smile:

This has gotten me to thinking back into my lifting career. Yeah I do train for strength sometimes ie. Westside for many months at a time. I enjoy getting stronger, however I am beggining to realize I don't think I care if I ever bench over 400 lbs. If I get there..fucking sweet! But if not I won't be hearbroken as long as I have a huge striated chest. Do any of you think this is a recipe for failure? Or just more the mentality of a bodybuilder vs a powerlifer??


mentality.some guys dont care about their strength as long as they look good. or they claim not to. but its clear that you want both. i loved becoming a powerlifter. waking up everymorning knowing i had hundreds of pounds to bench or squat gave me a hard on. but then about a 5 months ago i started to get self conscious and wanted to lean out. so i basically gave up powerlifting in order to do 10-12 reps and eat 500 calories below maint. as soon as i reach my goal i will be switching back to powerlifting and ill probably eat a lot more and it will be cleaner than i did before while building strength.

just be proud. you have accomplished one goal right? ya know, the one about being leaner/bigger. if your stronger than everyone in the gym on any given day, id say youve accomplished two goals. im glad to see this post. it shows your still hungry to accomplish more. just keep up your work and i dont see why you couldnt be as strong as a powerlfiter and bigger than one too.


I don't want this to come off as an attack on anyone or turn into a flame fest. Just offering my perspective on the whole thing. In sports psychology they talk about different types of competitive mentalities. Those who compare themselves against others (by performing better) and those who compare themselves against themselves (by beating PRs). Traditionally speaking, the latter is typically the more successful athlete, but a blend between the two is also good.

Bodybuilding seems to have more of the competing with others sense. I mean it takes a pretty good perspective for someone to be self-competitive in a bodybuilding sense. But, it can definitely be done by someone who is keeping a log. If someone is just lifting entirely aesthetically without measuring much beyond body fat, its a little harder. It might also throw in the arguement that using AAS or hGH is a bit more competitive with others than self competitive.

Powerlifting or Oly Liftin is a little more open to both but in the workout room its more likely you are concerned with beating yourself than beating others. In the end you have a combo of both.

So, from a sports psychology sense the one who is more concerned with topping competitors is more of an insecure athlete than one who is more concerened with beating themselves.

Best example... if you go out and pull 400 and then go out and pull 550 but still in 10th place. One would say you haven't improved. Another would say you've improved 150 lbs. It's always better mentally to see progress.

Thats just my perspective. Not meant to say one is better than the other. I suffer from, not being bigger than anyone else, and not being very strong so, it'd take someone about 10 hours to see what I'm good at LOL.


I am with ya. I do have some preprogrammed numbers that I would like to hit before i keel over. 400 bench is , like you said a plesant afterthought not a burning need that Has to be fulfilled.

I think it has to do with the fact that for me at least I will never be in a weight lifting competition ( any kinda serious league at least). Not counting showing off once or twice in my life.

Then again I will never be onstage flexing either. So ? So nothing. To each our own goals.

As for being handsome i hate to break it to ya, but I was told under the strictest confidence that I am by Far the most handsome in the land.

Not that I am calling your mom a liar , but (brace your self ) she was just trying to keep your heart from breaking. ( i have it on good authority)


If I didn't compete in powerlifting I wouldn't really care how much I could lift as long as it wasn't completely pathetic and I looked good. If your a bodybuilder or just want to look good, why take the chance of hurting yourself with heavy 1RM attempts.

Don't you get the best hypertrophy from the 8-12 rep range anyway?


I don't see a problem with it. You DO train for strength [partially]. You're not the strongest guy around, but you're not weak. There's no reason why being as strong as possible should be your highgest priority. Everyone has different reasons to train hard. None of them are bad.


All true guys. Just making conversation plus I've been unhappy with my squat numbers lately, and not terribly thrilled with my bench. However, I'm larger then I've ever been and leaner. I made a little cameo at a friends party this weekend (I NEVER go out anymore) and saw some people I hadn't in awhile. Granted that's not the whole reason I live this lifestyle but it kinda gave me a little reality check when every person I saw were blurting things out like WHAT THE FUCK! HOLY FUCKIN SHIT! and DUDE YOU LOOK FUCKIN HUGE! My right knee is bothering me a bit though so I'm kinda mind screwing myself as I have to go squat and I'm not sure how things are gonna go?


Good post TriGWU. Interesting stuff.


i agree with you. i also was a track and field athlete competing in shot disc and hammer. my biggest concern was breaking my own PR's. i would have to say its a battle between you and you only. bringing that mentality over into my powerlifting just helped me sooo much more.


If you're happy then you're happy and thats all that matters. I train with some elements of both to achieve my vanity (BB) and my competitive desires (PRs)


You might want to get back into a good squat program if your knee is buggin.

So long as you are happy but still driven you are in a good place. I'm just happy that im finally getting my oly lifts down pat, even though i can only do like 135# cleans and shit all for snatch I just like to do them.

Or you can pick a goal and specialize. like 1 arm chins or single arm snatch. Get really good at that if you need to win a pissing contest. Or just drink 6 venti latte's and actually have a pissing contest.

Me, I'm good at pooping. Seriously, I fucking kick ass at it. I won a $2000 bike (I didn't even know that there was sucha price on these things) for dropping a triple coiler (three rings) at a bike shop in vancouver. I took training and dedication and knowledge of diet and trianing and how it affects poos. But I can't bench shit. I did like 300 once, that's it. find your own creepy specialty, it's fun.



Pooping? Like takin a shit? MMMkay...btw I think squatting (20 reps squat last week) is what tweaked my knee in the first place. ANy suggestions?


What have you been doing for it since you tweaked it? Icing, compression, stretching out? Have you been keeping up your deadlifting and hamstring work? I have my own battlescars and leg injuries from my competitive days [track and soccer], and my knees always seem to act up when I neglect hamstring work. Both in the form of deadlifts and direct hamstring work. [Yes, I do leg curls]


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I pretty much always do as much work for my hams and hips as I do my quads. So I don't think it's an imbalance thing. I am going to just do stiff leg dl's today instead of squat thout to give my knee a break.


Good choice, I think.


Hey wide guy you read my PM whats up . plus if you don't have a problem taking juice why dont you get some stanzanol or one of the roids that gets you strong . methyl 1 test is great for that if you can find it.

start doing cycles that make you stronger if your big enough .


Jjay with each post you further convice me you are retarded. I'll go look for some steroids to get big once I get strong enough. Mmmkay?


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Good points Tri.

I throw hammers, and I compete against myself (this maybe because I'm outweighed by 40+ lbs by most competitors)

I loved playing field hockey because my aim in the team was to beat my opponent.