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Wholly Side-Effect Free Steroids

Is there a steroid on the market that caters to those who are a tad more conscious of the side-effects associated with steroid intake even at the expense of minimal muscle growth?

You know for those who are willing to hedge on the degree of muscle mass for the surety that there wont be any long term side-effects.
For those who want to play safe.

It is common knowledge that steroids cause a whole gamut of negative effects
~reduced sperm production
~shrinking of testicles,
~irreversible breast enlargement in males

~decreased body fat and breast size, ~deepening of the voice
~loss of scalp hair
~excessive body hair growth
and clitoral enlargement in girls.

Some of the less severe and tolerable effects could be
increased acne and personality changes, including aggressive behavior.

If you do your research,instead getting someone to do it for you, you will discover that there are many drugs that can be used to nullify every side effect you just mentioned for men. And for women, as long as they stick to the mild anabolics, such as anavar, primo,and even winstrol, they can side step the side effects you just listed. Oh and most women will tell you that clitoral enlargement ain’t such a bad thing!

Where are you getting your understanding of steroids from, CNN? When used in a proper fashion, any steroid can be used safely. Some are more potent than others, which can lead to the breast enlargment and other side effects you mentioned, but once again, with the proper administration of ancilliary drugs and the steroids themselves, these side effects can be mitigated.

The answer you seek is out there, but you need to do a lot more reading. Look at the profiles of various steroids, and some of the cycles that members have posted. The steroid newbie thread will help too. What drug or drugs you end up deciding to use when you are ready will depend on what your goals are. There is no real clear-cut answer that anybody could give you based on what you have posted here.


Have you done any reading of the articles on this site and others?

You sound like you’ve been brainwashed by the media’s misinformation regarding steroids.

I think you should do a lot of reading.

And you’re probably going to get flamed to hell and back.

The steroid you’re looking for is called Cinorom. It has very few side effects. Many people nowdays are on this steroid but it is kept very quiet by the public. Side effects are annoyance and confusion. This drug may be taken orally, intravenously, or intramuscularly. The more Cinorom statements you make the more of a Cinorom user you’ll become. Those people you’ve heard of that have developed gyno, permanent impotence, baldness, etc are all former steroid users who wound up using Cinorom dogages instead. Do your reading and I’m sure one day you’ll be one of the biggest sources of Cinorom information.

Agree with P-22.


Shit! I had no idea!