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Wholewheat Wholemeal Wholegrain Bread?



I am from Australia. I havent been able to find wholewheat bread , is this just the same as wholemeal.

Is it true that multi/whole grain bread is just white bread with grains added to it. If it just says wheat does that usually mean white?

Would this mean wholemeal is better and less processed.

What are your thoughts on wholemeal Lebanese bread?

Ingredients of wholemeal bread I have : whoelmeal whet flour(contains Gluten(68%), water, yeast , salt , vegetable oil(canola), soy folour , malt , emulsifieer, PResevbative, vitamin.



Sometimes the bread labelled "whole grain" is not 100% whole. Check ingredients carefully for other types of flour - "enriched" "bleached" "white" - blech.


it looks like your bread is 100% wholewheat. if it's not, the ingredients will look more like this:

unbleached wheat flour, wholemeal wheat flour, water, yeast, salt, vegetable oil(canola), soy flour, malt, emulsifier, etc.

In an ideal world, you'd want to find (or bake) a bread that was made with 100% stoneground wholewheat flour. Stoneground is better because it's ground less finely, making the particles bigger and lower the glycemic index of the bread. Also, sourdough starter is a great ingredient that lowers GI. And some bread is made without oil at all. But bread like this this can be very hard to find, and pricey if you eat a lot of it. So I'd say you're doing okay :slightly_smiling:


I once tried to make my own whole wheat bread, but I discovered that EVERY recipe I found including a significant portion of bleached flour. Apparently, bread just won't rise without the bleached white flour.

As a general rule of thumb, the lighter and fluffier the bread, the worse it is for you, regardless of "whole" grain status.

Probably the healthiest bread you can find comes from "sprouted" grains (aka Ezekial bread) but you'll generally only find this in a health food store (and pay a pretty penny for it.) It's a very course texture, not fluffy at all, but I like the taste. It's generally frozen or refrigerated. I can't speak for availability of sprouted grain bread down under.


You should have actually tried to make the whole grain bread yourself, and learned that hypothesis there is nothing but bullhonkey.

I've made 100% whole grain bread and zucchini bread, whole grain pizza crust, etc. from scratch with no problems in getting any of them to rise with either baking soda or with yeast.


Well, good for you. I could never get the whole wheat stuff to rise when I made it, unless I added in about 50%bleached flour. And yes, I did make 4 or 5 batches before I gave up. Could have been bad yeast or some other variable. It was years ago.

I never said I didn't even try; why did you jump to that totally erroneous conclusion?

If you have a recipe that works, post it here for the benfit of everybody.


If i can get 100% rye or something else do you think that would be better than the bread I currently have?


wholemeal wheat flour(contains gluten), water, salt, yeast , preservative, vitamin, no artificial colourings and flavouring.

Those are the ingredients of my lebanese bread.


the ingredients you just listed seem great. don't worry about it, you're eating better, healthier bread than 99% of the population.


I can get stoneground wholemeal bread , 100% rye.

I looked at the ingredients. The ingredients were pretty much the same except where there is wholemeal flour in mine, there is 100% stoneground wholemeal flour or 100% rye. The oil mightve been slightly different as well.

I can ge those other types for about 1-1.5 times the price of the bread I currently have.



I'm not sure if King Arthur products are sold over there, but they make an unbleached, unbromated bread flour that has worked great for me. When I make dough I always use a 1:2 ratio, unbleached to wheat.

When making wheat dough, it helps to leave the wheat flour out at first while the yeast does it's thing with the bread flour (bakers call this a "sponge"). I'll let the sponge sit for an hour or so, then mix in the wheat flour, then knead the dough for 10 minutes or so with my hands. It always turns out great!


When the bran and germ are removed from the grain,we are removing most of the fiber, protein and vitamins.
Enriched whole wheat flour means that SOME of the nutrients are put back.

Someone decided decided a long time ago that the stripped down white flour was more visually appealing and tastier.
If it looks like whole grain, but says
enriched or bleached,it is simply because coloring was added to fool the consumer.


Because you said you couldn't even find a 100% whole recipe. I figured that meant you didn't try something on your own.

Sounds like you had bum yeast. It helps to mix it up first with some warm water to activate, then mix it into the dough.


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I've found recipes with very few ingredients online. I'll see if I can locate them again and post them for you. (100% whole wheat)

And I agree the 4:9 products are great...bread and tortillas.


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