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Wholesome Booty Talk

I think it’s something that happens more with age. I see a lot of older people that have most of their butt on top, with little on the bottom. Don’t really like it either, and I find it weird when it becomes even more pronounced if someone has has cosmetic work done without trying to match the bottom with the top.

I think that’s a factor for sure. Similarity could translate into comfortability concerning the other person, picking a partner, etc.

For ladies stance I think so too. Bigger guys like yourself I noticed have round horse butts I’ve noticed. Smaller framed guys, like your brother, have the more bubble-like butts. I think taller, bigger framed women would prefer the former, with shorter, smaller framed women preferring the latter.

I like both really. And I honestly cannot pick between the two. One looks extremely powerful, and the other looks like I can bounce a quarter off of it. Win-win.

I think it does too.

On the flip-side I think it’s a social thing as well? Culturally speaking I can go on ad nauseam, about how most African-American guys, regardless of their own physical appearance want big, jiggly butts. But you’ve got things like music, going verse for verse constantly telling them daily to prefer that, so I mean I get it. I think younger generations seemingly care less and less these days, but just talking statistically.

Before I met my husband I had been a few dates where I met someone who preferred someone of the same proportion. I don’t mind shorter men whatsoever because literally everyone on average is taller than me, but say for a shorter guy he might pick someone also smaller overall (butt included), simply for being similar concerning proportions. So yeah, I’d agree.

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The one shape that I just do not like is the Kardashian butt shape. I guess I could go on to state that I just don’t appreciate overly done cosmetic work.

I also don’t appreciate that typical shape that shows up in almost all of today’s rap music videos. Never mind the stigmatization that’s powering it, but it does not look…aesthetic. I can admire it, just for the sheer size, but that’s about all I can admire it for.

Naturally speaking I’m not a fan of the rectangular butt shapes. I see this a lot with women who get pre-occupied with their legs. I notice it on guys, but it just doesn’t look as…”bad”? per say. But the legs just overpower the butt so much that it looks like a straight up rectangle.

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OK everyone what is your favorite glute exercise?
I have two but I don’t know their official names so I will have to google them so in my best Arnold voice “I will be back”. :cowboy_hat_face:

Oh, one of my favorite subjects!

I’m with you 100% on this. I like good development, nice padding, and all kinds of shapes and sizes, but the one thing that gets the red flag is the P (profile) shaped ones that are a result of implants. The naturally occurring shelf shapes are ok though.


I’m not sure if I like this thread :joy:

I just love a big booty, more than ever. My ex had a crazy phat ass and big thighs, as much as ehr friends were mocking her like she had implants. The king of genetic lottery win some latina girls have.

Anyway, I love all butts except pancake butts. Now I wouldn’t want to be with a girl with a flat ass.

Firm ass = effort, movement, life.

Flat ass = lazyness, boredom, not fun.

It might be not true, but this is the kind of assumption we make when we see this kind of things


Never realized that’s why the implants look off. Great description of the falsehood.


I don’t necessarily have a flat arse, but I have substantial quantities of inner thigh and arse fat so mine looks crap in comparison

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I like squatting. I’m aware almost everyone says “squatting isn’t the best for building glutes”, but for my proportions and height, squatting does me well.

My second favorite would be hip thrusts. But not barbell hip thrusts. It’s too easy to go too heavy. I prefer using dumbbells or my own body weight.

I follow two Instagram ladies specifically for the butt shelf.

Nicci Robinson, and Bodied by Ty. They’ve got some admirable legs to match.

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I mean I do too. Women store fat there just from a biological standpoint. There’s always the option of just adding muscle there. Fat that’s over a thick layer of muscle still looks great in my opinion.

Yeah they do!

Thats really the difference maker.

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For the longest time, if a man did any exercise that was devoted to direct glute work, he was ridiculed. It was squats only.

Then RDLs started gaining acceptance, and even now if I do a set of hip thrusts at the gym, I get eyeballed.

I am glad that the glutes are getting some love from a training perspective and credit Bret Contreras and this site to bring that forward.

That being said, glutes seem to be genetic, and some of us have been left out of that equation.

I appreciate attempt at this discussion, it reminds me of the good ol days on this site.



I mean I don’t think I can stress it enough anymore. LEGS!!!

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You weren’t kidding.


I’d agree. I think how they look is mostly genetic, but I think a lot of people equate genetics to size. In my opinion I think everyone or at least almost everyone can get big booties.

Now what they look like…that’s up to people’s genetics. When I was much smaller I thought I just wasn’t graced genetically in the butt department, however now…not to toot my own horn (pun fully intended), I wish to personally thank my mom and dad for some damn good booty genetics. Lol and leg genetics for that matter.


Those… legs…

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My mum has very nice legs considering she doesn’t workout. Somehow has nearly as much hamstring development as me LOL :joy:

We should group leg day with Mother’s Day. Happy Flex-What-Ya-Mom-Gave-Ya Day lol


I will say that my legs have grown over the past year and a half… just not in a particularly productive way…

For sure, gifts are not equally distributed. The label we gave those poor girls who were not at all gifted with round glutes was Georgia-Pacific, a major manufacturer of plywood. Of course we never addressed them a such, “butt” the image still comes to my mind.

What I find most appealing in a woman’s “running gear” is rounded glutes and pronounced hamstrings. Nice glutes without noticeable hamstring development, though still nice, is surely not visually optimal.

As I have grown in age I appreciate larger booty on women than I did in my youth, even to the point of a somewhat asymmetrical appearance.

IMO, a fault is most women who train at my current gym is that they don’t do their leg presses deep enough to engage their glutes or hamstrings. Occasionally, I risk giving one of them my unsolicited advice to allow the weight to get deeper.

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