Wholesome Booty Talk

Myself, @anna_5588, and @cyclonengineer thought it would be nice to provide a thread that is dedicated toward the wholesome talk of booties. Performance based talk, or aesthetic talk is all welcomed and encouraged. Guys and Ladies all welcome.

For the sake of being civil in the forums try to keep it modest? (Maybe PG-13) Descriptions are fine, but perhaps keep picture posting up to the discretion of @Chris_Colucci.


I vote to include thigh discussions as well since it’s kind of a package deal.


In before the lock!


Gotta include the thighs. Necessary support systems.

I’m fully anticipating it.

So a$$ talk is against the TOS on T Nation? IMO, Glute development is more important than the upper body V taper when looking at someone from the back. Op you are talking about building the booty to make it aesthetically pleasing right?

No it’s perfectly fine, I just know how typical threads go. Get a bunch of men in a thread devoted to booty talk and either drugs and legality of drugs will come up and make a big derail (seems drugs is a popular derail) or it’ll eventually cross the booty threshold into banned-ville :joy:

@ wanna_be OK got it. I don’t want to derail this thread but since this forum has no PM sometime you just have to. I noticed in your bio you live in Roll Tide country. I am from the Rocket City Hunts-patch. Graduated Butler 73. Moved to Colorado in 80.

I’m holding a “free response” approach to this. You can talk of building the butt for aesthetic purposes, or just talking about the mechanics of the butt concerning performance, talk about admiration of butts as they are naturally, etc. up to the person how they wish to respond.

I made a post in the T-ransformation thread that kind of sparked this whole thing by way of me classifying butts in terms of shape, etc.

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My wife of the last 37 years has always told me my butt is what got her attention and was always her favorite part of my anatomy. I was 27 and she was 19. We are both retired now on HRT and loving life more than then.

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Heck yea man! I’m a little south of huntsvegas! Wish I could move to CO

Mens butts are admirable I must say. Y’all don’t have much to worry about by way of adding too much fat to it. I guess just due to where you guys store it naturally anyways.

My husband had no butt, now has two small puffs of ass, and is now giving attention to glute stuff/activation whenever he goes out and goes his activities. To which I say, “your butt looks nice today.” For added motivation.


I will throw this out there:
Something about women having a really defined line between the glutes and hamstrings is incredibly attractive to me.
Doesn’t even have to be in a “lean” (think figure competitor on stage) setting. Just a good delineation.

Maybe it appears to better define the curve, I don’t know.

The crease you mean?

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If we’re talking crease-ology…
I’m mostly in agreeance. But I think it’s dependent on overall shape.

I think the crease is nice if the shape of the outside of the glutes is mostly rounded. If the glutes take on a more boxed, or upside-down triangle shape I think a really pronounced crease kind of takes away from the overall look.

More gravity-defying butts I say do well not exhibiting a noticeable crease. In my opinion.

I agree. Legs from the front are just OK to me. But from the back, the glutes and hamstring can be the most attractive to admire. Too many guys are fixated on their front and upper body and never look behind which is where they are checked out 90% of the time. When the guy is not looking. You ladies on the other hand do a great job of working on the parts the guys are always leaving out of their workout. And we notice I promise you.


If I could freeze frame the moments where I watch a guy just get totally tranced by a well-built booty I’d be rich printing T-shirts by now lol


@ [planetcybertron] So when I use the mirrors at the gym ( I am not fooling you) it is not hiding my staring or drooling when I am admiring someones years of hard work?

ABSOLUTELY not my good sir. Absolutely…Not. :rofl:

Do you ever get a stare of approval back?

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I have never been a fan of this one. Personal preference I guess.
I have always thought preference for a curvier backside from men is related to the guy’s size. Big guys like me (6’3 280+) in my experience appear to prefer the more rounded, wider shapes whereas smaller guys like me brother (5’11 185ish) prefer more of this shape.
Don’t know if that physiology actually plays into it but it’s an interesting pattern I have noticed.