Whole Milk vs Skimmed Milk?

which one is better for someone who’s trying to beef up. I’ve heard a lot recently about saturated fat being good for people trying to gain muscle.

However i’m not sure if the saturated fats found in dairy products are the healthiest option. Is whole milk healthy? If not, Can anyone suggest any alternatives (which contain saturated fats) or should i just stick to low-fat milk?

I suggest you opt for the skim milk because although the fats contained in milk are healthy you would benefit more by substituting those fats you would have consumed from the milk with healthier fats deriving from other healthier sources
(i.e. almonds, fish oil, flaxseed, etc.)

For example, you could have your glass of milk-source of slow digesting protein-and then complement it with nuts-source of healthy fats that have a great satiating effect-and ‘viola’ you’ve now consumed a healthy P+F meal that will help you feel fuller longer and falls within the scope of precision nutrition.

Skim milk has more sugar in it I believe, FYI

Not necessarily. I live in the border town of Piedras Negras Coahila, Mexico and purchase my groceries in Eagle Pass, TX. I find skim milk that contains 4g C whereas whole milk contains 6g C. This figure represents the total carbohydrate content and the total net impact figure.

The product I drink is called Mootopia, however I believe you may only find it in the south given that its maker is a grocery supermarket found in the southern US. But one can find various milk products with reduced sugar/carb content around the country.

[quote]Kalle wrote:
Skim milk has more sugar in it I believe, FYI [/quote]

Thats just due to the change in ratio remove the fat the ratio changes the food did equal 100% with P,C and F remove the F and you only have P & C. so the %'s change.

On the question. If you need to bulk up go for the whole its and easy complete meal. pour a glass and enjoy. get your other fats elsewhere.