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Whole Milk vs Lower Fat Stuff


Just wondering if anyone has any opinions on which milk is better? I heard whole milk was the best because it wasn't tinkered with in terms of chemicals and reducing the fat.

Also, in the midst of my 4th deload on 5-3-1 and making gains. I do not feel like posting the numbers right now but that will come as I would like some advice from some of you.

With that being said, I am starting to get a little nauseous from the protein shakes and all and am starting to think about just trying to eat clean and not over do it. I will post a general food log and my stats and lifts in another post when I have some time but for now, hopefully, I can get some answers regarding the milk question. Thanks all.


Well no chemicals are added to make skim, 1% or 2% milk. The fat is naturally removed by a centrifuge. It spins the milk and because the densities of the fat and skim milk itself are different, they seperate, and the fat is removed. If I remember correctly this is how the term skim milk came about, because they would "skim" the fat off the surface.

People debate on the whole raw versus pasteurized milk thing, you can read a lot of articles on it if you wish with a Google search.

So, as far as what milk is better out of the store, just decide on the fat and calorie content for yourself.


Ok, sounds pretty simple to me. Thank you for your help.


avoiding anything labeled low fat is a good idea. it's a "food science" myth that has almost run it's course but people still gravitate to it (as if they'll get skinny somehow).

if you don't eat junk food, then you know how precious fat is in nature. i seek it out.


Thanks, I don't know what we would have done without that awesome bit of advice...


The difference between skim, 1%, 2%, and whole milk is the fat and calorie content per cup. It sounds almost too obvious but that is all there really is to it. Dependent on your preferences and your specific context, you may choose one type of milk over the other (although, in the end, there is hardly a difference between each one).


Yes, chicken breast, lean cuts of beef, potatos, yams, rice, oats, berries, vegetables of all sorts, fish, game meat, protein powders, poultry, etc. etc. are ALL bad and should be avoided.


You mad? At least throw up an answer yourself if your going to be like that.

Op, I would say drink whole milk especially if your a beginner because it's dense in calories.


He gave overly simplistic, myopic advice. I pointed out the idiocy in his statement.

The answer with regards to milk is "it depends". Josh gave the same answer I would have given above, so I'm just going to refer the OP to his post.


There might be something "magic" in milk fat. Maybe it gives a little better muscle growth. Maybe it helps vitamin d or calcium absorption. So, unless you're on a super tight diet, I'd personally drink milk with at least a little fat in it. Whole milk, on the other hand, does have a lot of fat and calories, so I'd leave it for bulking.


Whole milk is better. And better for you. I currently am drinking raw organic goat milk. Great stuff, tons of vitamins, cla, healthy calories and proteins. Processed milk just doesnt compare to raw milk. If you can find some definitely check it out!


Drink whole milk mate. The fat is the most important bit, don't listen to the low fat bullshit. American indians used to suffer from malnutrition when they were forced to only eat lean meats, check out 'rabbit starvation' for that one.

Skim milk comes from making butter and cream. It used to be fed to the pigs on a farm because 1. It was free and cheap and 2. It made them fat!
Skim milks just sugar water and most of the nutrition has been taken out in the fat.

Whole Jersey and Guernsey is the best it's got the most fat in it. Raw is even better.

Gulp it up!


As usual, Stronghold beat me to what I was going to say. If you have a meal or diet composition that warrants a relatively low fat content, then obviously you have to go with skim or 1% fat milk. It depends on the meal and diet composition. For example, if you have a meal that calls for 16 grams of fat, you can get that fat amount from two cups of whole milk, and get the rest of your carbs and protein from other food sources to make the complete meal.

Personally, I think skim milk is just gross. Blue-grayish-white liquid in my coffee? No thanks!


Do you buy directly from a farmer?


Like many on here I currently drink whole milk for the calories and fat content. I do however use skim milk with my PWO shakes so that the added fat doesn't slow absorption.




Half-n-half dawg, half-n-half.

Fuck any milk in coffee, just not the same.



Or not, ya know, whatever you're comfortable with.


Yup! That or heavy cream.

Regular milk in coffee is kind of gross.


This is truth. Half-n-half is perfect. Nothing else works.

Wish I could find it in aseptic boxes like in Mexico, so I could stockpile the stuff and not have to constantly run to the store for it.