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Whole Milk or 2% Fat Milk?

I’m currently trying to gain mass and I noticed 2% fat milk has 10 grams of protein compared to
whole milk which has 8 grams of protein per serving.

Is whole milk still better?

It’s probably just an issue of the fat ‘displacing’ some of the protein in the milk, if you pour the same 8oz. It’s all gotta fit in the glass somehow.

The carb content of the whole milk is probably also lower on the label.

If you’re really trying to gain weight, the whole milk is going to have more calories, which is still the most important thing. But really, milk is good stuff either way.

Yes. It’s not just about protein. You need the fat in whole milk for several reasons. Hormone production, vitamin and mineral absorption, and overall caloric surplus are a few.

You need a caloric surplus from healthy sources. Milk, eggs, nuts and meat are the best sources of protein and fat. Add complex carbs to that and you’re set.

You [i]will not[/i] gain substantial mass by eating only protein.

Protein can come from any source - a discrepancy of that volume will make no difference and can easily be achieved by drinking another 10ml per 100ml (or so).

It is dependant on your body and goals - if you want that much animal fat added to your diet.

It really is a call you should be able to make without discussion IMO.