Whole Milk Instead of Whey Post-Workout

I’m wondering about whether it works to replace whey shakes with good old whole milk post-workout, as I’m not really taking the whey to meet my protein needs, more just because I thought I had to. Im a beginner and just started SS, lifts below:

Height- 174cm
Age- 16
Weight- 67kg

Squat- 70kg×5
Bench- 50kg×5
Deadlift- 90kg×5
OHP- 35kg×5

Also, I know I’m light but I’m NOT a hardgainer. I’ve spent a long time on fat loss training (used to be fat AF) which has resulted in me being really skinny now.

Supps I take are:
Whey blend (concentrate + hydrolysate)
Creatine Monohydrate (5g before and after workout)
Fish oil (8000mg daily)
Calcium + Vitamin D (perscribed by doctor)

Milk is for babies. Men drink beer.


Milk will contain more calories in the form of carbs and fat, so you need to think about the impact on your total daily calories.

The other consideration is that a lot of people don’t digest it terribly well.

That said, if it fits into your daily macro/calorie totals and you have no digestive issues from it then you can suck on all the cow titty you like. Milk is very nutritious.

You can also add whey to your milk increase the protein. If its post workout, then add your protein to chocolate milk and get that insulin bump needed to shuttle the protein into the muscle