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Whole Milk as Main Calorie Source


What's your opinion on Milk as a main calorie source?

As a student on a tight budget, basically just looking for best/cheapest way to consume a load of calories.

The reason Milk came to mind was because of its price/macrobreak down.

Was thinking of basically getting 1500-2000 calories a day from Milk, then aiming for about 1000 from meat/eggs/veggies/fruit etc.


If you don't get gastro issues or acne, sure


Do a search on "GOMAD" (Gallon of Milk a Day). It's a fairly commonly-discussed bulking strategy.


If you don't have an intolerance, give it a go. But you might develop one just due to the amount your drinking.

CT had an article talking about an OL camp he went to where he drank 15 cartons of milk a day, and by the end of the week had develop a bit of lactose intolerance.

Read the thread about milk, thats got about 150 posts in it. Worth checking out.


One aspect you'll need to consider is that you're going to be intaking large amounts of saturated fat. Saturated fats have their importance in your daily diet, but you don't want the majority of your fat intake to be composed of them. There is an inherent flaw in using whole milk to that degree, and it's the fat type dilemma.


some would argue your contention


whole milk 8g fat, 4.5g saturated, doesn't sound like a majority, pretty close to 50/50


In the words of MC Hammer; "Break it down!"

He's looking at 1500-2000 calories from whole milk. To keep this simple, let's use 1750 and split it up the middle. He then plans to add another 1000 calories to the mix from meats, veggies, fruit, and eggs.

I don't know his target macro breakdown, but let's assume he's going with a pretty typical 30% of his calories from fats.

Fat calories = 825
Fat grams = 91.5

Now, he's getting 1750 calories from whole milk, which equals 11.6 servings (one serving = 150 calories).

4.5g Saturated Fat x 11.6 = 52g of Saturated Fat from whole milk

Now, remember that to keep his fat intake reasonable, he should be around that 90g total mark. The whole milk nets him 93g of fat in total, with over 50% of those grams coming from saturated fat.

He might as well forget about whole eggs at this point, as his fat intake has already been satisfied through his milk intake. So, we can safely say that over 50% of his total fat intake is technically a majority, and is also more than is recommended for healthy daily fat intake.

Of course, I'm assuming some things, but the things I'm assuming are completely reasonable. The original poster can correct me if any of my assumptions are out of line.


btw- I'm not advocating majority of calories from milk :wink:


with 3500 calories/day he can take in way more than 90g of total fat.

30% total cals from fat is not that high.


Then I'm guessing a discussion will ensue :slightly_smiling:


Where did 3500 come from? He said 1500-2000 from milk and 1000 from other foods. That's 2500-3000 calories.


sorry, I was off by 500, you mentioned 1750 and half, just assumed you were talkin 3500 calories.


Based on price and lactose content, I'd recommend a good whole milk protein powder over whole milk. You can probably find good quality affordable bulk powders. You can buy half and half to mix in with it for tasty lactose free and cheap calories. That'll cut down 90% or so on lactose, which IMO would be an issue for 90+% of people at that many calories based on the sheer volume of grams of lactose content. BUT... Go ahead and try your approach first and let us know how it goes. If it works, then great. Calorie for calorie, eggs are pretty darn cheap too.


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Did it. Got me from 74kg to the place I am in my avatar. I didn't develop any kind of intolerance the 2 years I had been doing GOMAD. Now, I am drinking about 3/4 of a gallon a day, without any problems. Milk is great.


I love the smell of an unqualified statement in the morning! If you care to explain, I'm interested.


I'll drop the whole eggs as that will pose an issue with my fat macro's

Macro breakdown wise I'm unsure I was thinking of the standard sort of 40/30/30.

Total macros - Cals 3200, carb 323g, fat 108g, protein 242g

From the whole milk I'm drinking per 100ml - 64cals, 4.7g carb, 3.7g fat, 3.2g protein.
So per half gallon (aprox) 1500cals, 108g carb, 82g of fat, 73.6g of protein.

So with 2 two serving of my current blend of protein on top of this 500cals, with 100g protein (unsure of f/c but low ill split 50/50 so say 4.5g of fat, 12.5g of carb)

Comes out as - 2000cals, 120g carb, 87g of fat, 174g of protein.

Which leaves me - 1000cals, 203carb, 68 protein, 21 fat.

Which I reckon is easily attainable from potatos/meat/fish/veg//fruit etc.

What did the rest of your diet/macro's look like apart from the milk? What was your gains like?

I hadn't considered a whole milk protein powder, I'll have a look that!

  • Thanks alot for all the replies, there much appreciated.


drinking heavy cream is starting to become increasingly more popular with powerlifters/strongmen. or i guess just anybody looking to get a good amount of calories in easily. i'm pretty sure they just mix it in with their whole milk.


Just stopping by to say hell yeah to heavy cream. It doesn't cost all that much more than milk and you can pour it all over everything. Or just drink it straight. It's your friend. (if you're not intolerant, which I would assume you're not)

2020wellness, care to qualify your statement about my good buddy, saturated fat? Let's get some discussion going up in dis. :slight_smile: