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Whole Grain Rice Cakes & Natural PB

Eating 2 rice cakes, with about 1 tablspoon of natural PB or ALMONDS BUTTER with around 200g of meat…could it be considered as a good meal? or does it contain to much fat or carbs in the same meal to respect the nutrition rules?

I found this meal to be very convenient as it fullfills me and is very low in calories…

What is your opinion on this guys?


Does “whole-grain rice cakes” mean that they are made of brown rice? I’m a little confused by this.

Typical rice cakes acually have a pretty high GI, but since there’s not much to them, I suppose the glycemic load isn’t that deleterious, as long as you don’t stuff your face with them.

In my opinion, the 9-10g (I’m guessing)of carbs from the rice cake combined with 7-8g of fats from the Tbsp. of (natural) peanut butter isn’t too bad if you’re worried about combining carbs and fats, mostly because it’s just not that much food overall.

I don’t have any answers, but reading this made me hungry!

Really though, it depends if eating it gets in the way of your progress. If you are trying to get extremely lean or something, you may have to be more strict.

If you aren’t, or you aren’t putting on fat, then do what you want (within reason) as long as it doesn’t hamper your goals.

Don’t let nutrition dogma interfere with your enjoyment of meals if your meals don’t interfere with your goals.

Thanks a lot for your advices guys. Pretty interessting.

I was asking this because I remember one article here (maybe it was in the introduction of the T-Dawg 2.0) that stated rice cakes will make you fat because of their high GI content. But since this article was written few years ago and now you can find whole grain brown rice cakes I was wondering if it was still considered as a bad choice of carbs while dieting.

But as you guys said…if I only eat 1-2 rice cakes with a tablespoon of natural PB and it satisfies me…I don’t think it will ruins my diet if I eat totally clean most of the time.