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Whole Grain Bread vs Oats

Is there any difference between eating real whole grain bread (you know…the stuff that comes in a block and weighs like 2 pounds…the only ingredients being like barley and wheat and stuff) vs a bowl of oatmeal in the morning? Or would just fruit and no grains be preferable?

Remember you need a variety of foods. Some foods have nutrients that others do not have.

You need both insoluble and soluble fiber.

High Fiber Foods: Brans- wheat bran, oat bran, corn bran, rice bran.

Moderate Fiber: Whole Grains- Whole wheat flour, whole wheat pasta, oatmeal- rolled oats, steel cut oats, whole-oat flour, cornmeal, brown rice.


What he said! (grin) Good answer, Kevin!

sarah, you’re asking a lot of good questions. I can tell you’re working though a lot of your issues. Why don’t you start a thread and ask all your questions within that one thread. That way you have something to refer back to, and you can review things from time to time. It would also be a place where you could report your results and get support.

In the meantime, hang tough. It gets easier. A lot of people complain about information overload in the beginning.

On a slightly different note, I’ll consider breads a treat.

Invariably if I buy something that can be toasted, it will end up toasted. If something in my kitchen ends up toasted, it’s simply a requirement that peanut butter be added to it.

I prefer to exercise my willpower at the point of purchase instead of in my place of last defence… the kitchen.

Variety is good… so it certainly does happen from time to time.