Whole Foods Post-Workout?

is that okay to eat whole foods post workout( ex. 1 banana, 400g sweet potato, 150g lean ground beef) or do I need a protein shake?

directly after workout banana, then shower (15-20 minutes), then a solid meal I mentioned above

what do you think about that?

Are you talking about recovery? Or to lose weight? Whats the goal home skillet?

who drinks protein shakes anymore? LOL! just take some BCAA’s + creatine + electrolytes + maybe beta-alanine pre/during/post workout, and eat your meal ~60 min after. too ez.

fqqs- you should check out Dr. Mercola’s info on post workout nutrition. apparently your body is more anabolic with whey (leucine) alone and responds to your mTOR almost 10 fold than that of an insulin secreted “anabolic” spike that we are all accustomed to hearing/reading/etc. he suggests waiting at least 2hrs post workout before adding anything with a glycemic index

Yea it’s fine eating a whole food meal after your workout but the recovery & digestion won’t be as fast as carbs+ whey shake.

im bodybuilding. i have fully equipped gym at home

so if i eat solid pre workout meal 2h before workout , then can i just take shower after workout and then after 15 minutes eat another solid, whole food meal? simple as that, without shakes, powders etc.

sorry for my english

You can do what the he’ll you want.