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Whole Foods Parking Lot (Music Vid)

Fucking hilarious.

Haha, very well done.


I have a love/hate relationship with Whole Foods.

That was good, thanks.

I die when he says “I SAID NOT RIGHT NOW!” to the clipboard dude.

I think I’m crying.


Dude the one in SF is the most gnarliest!

$80 for like 6 things, lol

“Nature is amazing.”

hahahahahaha. I fucking love Ron Swanson.


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[quote]Iron Dwarf wrote:

I have a love/hate relationship with Whole Foods. [/quote]

I’ve never been in a Whole Foods but can imagine your love/hate relationship is you love the store but hate the people that shop there.

I shop there on a fairly regular basis. As Nards said…great products, shitty clientele.

Actual quotes I’ve heard at the Oakville, Ontario Whole Foods:

-(To pimple-faced, apathetic 14 year old produce clerk) “I know these Fuji apples are rich in flavonoids, but I’m concerned there might actually be TOO MANY flavonoids. What are your thoughts?”

-“Do you carry organic Christmas wreaths?”

-(One trophy wife to another) “ALL my honey comes from New Zealand! It’s Manuka or nothing for my kids!” (shared laughter)

-(To pimple-faced, apathetic 17 year old coffee clerk): “I know these beans are organic, fair-trade from Guatemala, and the label says the village it comes from gets proceeds from each bag sold. Do you know which village it is? Is it Pala?! I did a mission there”

[quote]rrjc5488 wrote:

“Nature is amazing.”

hahahahahaha. I fucking love Ron Swanson.[/quote]

Haha, thats the same reason I go to whole foods. LOL thanks for posting that!

That’s great. I’ll have to send this to my cousin since he’s been a butcher at whole foods for years. The minimum profit margin on anything sold at whole foods is 40% and the average is closer to 200%. Lets you know how much those organic farmers are getting fucked over. But hey rich peeps have to have ground up organic chicken spines and pieces for their dogs.

Stay away from the caramel with sea salt in it…more addictive than that new drug in Russia.