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Whole Foods Not So Wholesome

Well I largely stay out of this section of the forum but found this article on the “Whole Foods” chain and organic foods in general pretty interesting.

How by buying organic people are largely using more fossil fuels etc in the long run due to shipping (not to mention the nutrient leaching that occurs during transit of produce) Also the fact that largely you are supporting not the small market farmer but usually a few HUGE big market farms, many in other coutries, etc

Have a gander for yourself,

I never paid much attention to the Organic movement until I worked down the street from a Dairy. After driving by this Dairy for over a year, I vowed to drink only organic milk. When I was a kid, my Grandfather had a Dairy. It was about 150 acres; he had about 30 cows on it. This Dairy I drove by everyday had about 500 cows on 5 acres. They walked around in shit half way up their leg. You know an animal living in these conditions would have to be pumped full of Antibiotic.

I pick and choose what I buy organic. Milk, Eggs any vegetable that is a root. I think are important. I believe chicken and beef will be more affordable in the near future.
The article seemed more critical of American business than the organic movement.