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Whole foods...do even need em?!?!

Do we even need to eat real food anymore?! I am super busy. I eat 6 MRPS’ a day some extra V-C & E along with pitachios, peanuts, & flax seed oil. for fiber & fat.

Will not eating whole foods hinder gains-or health? I am getting eveything I need!

You should at least eat a big green salad and some fruit for the phytochemicals they provide…even if it’s not every day, make it every other day. And remember, nutrition is still a young science…I’m convinced there’s still tons of stuff that we haven’t discovered in whole foods that we actually need.

I’d suggest adding some psyllium husk powder to your meals (separately from flax oil) for a better source of inexpensive fiber, and also some blueberries because they’re extraordinary antioxidants that are especially protective of your prostate. But otherwise, you’re coming close to the MRP Diet that T-mag described, and I second the suggestion of a big leafy salad every other day or so (Wendy’s has a great one with lean grilled chicken).

Bro, your going a bit beond MY REALITY and its a vast; no holds barred thing Im sure you catch my drift. all i got to say is slow your row for a moment, dont forget to injoy the life your given,FULLY. PEACE JOY LOVE,just dont get to mushey!!!


Even if you’re busy, you should eat more whole foods. Remember that MRP’s are only a supplement to your diet. And they should be treated accordingly.

Sure, you can go three meals a day with MRP’s and get many of the nutrients you need, but you’re really missing out on what whole foods have to offer. Especially fruits and veggies with all their phytochemicals.

Not to mention the taste of whole food! I love to eat. And I love a variety of food. You just don’t get that with MRP’s, no matter how many flavors they make.

Nothing beats filet mignon, swordfish, mahi-mahi, potatoes, brocolli and MANY other whole foods! And it’s good to keep your body filled with a VARIETY of foods for all the goodness they offer.