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Whole Foods Diet


I'm just looking for some advice as to some staple meals I can have as a "go-to" option when in need. I'm sure a lot of you guys have cheap meals that are relatively healthy and pack in the protein that you often turn to as part of your daily diet - so if you have time to share I'd appreciate it. I'm trying to distance myself from all protein powders and supplements and just eat real food...as a general goal I like to hit my body weight (250lb) in grams of protein so I'm kinda stuck without doubling up on similar foods throughout the day. These are some of the protein sources I currently consume:

breakfast: oatmeal, yogurt, eggs (41g protein)

lunch: chunk light tuna (52g)

dinner: hamburgers or chicken (50g)

snack: cheese, nuts (26)

As you can see, there isn't anything flashy (or expensive) listed. I read some of these articles out there and they throw out suggestions like wild caught salmon or free range poultry, but unless you're dropping serious coin on your daily diet that really can't be a staple..anyways thanks in advance for your suggestions


Whole milk/chocolate milk.


put peanut butter with the tuna!


raw egg shakes


Good luck getting to 250 with those meals.

Yo, ground beef is inexpensive, steak on sale is inexpensive.

7.5 dozen eggs at costco is 9.99

I like taking 6 eggs and mixing it with 12oz ground beef for a meal.


i always have about 4 to 10 blocks of microwaved egg whites(1 block = 40g pro per block) plus weighed and bagged tuna 150 grams ( 45 grams pro per bag) and weighed n bagged ground beef n ground chicken.
like austin says ill mix ground beef or chicken with eggs n chopped up mixed veg n hot salsa or chilli sauce n blitz it in the micro .
weighing in bagging food in advance in batches of about 10 or 15 makes it so much easier to track your cals n macros.


10+ eggs a time dude


i may not have all 12 egg whites ( 1 block )in one go . i may have half or a quarter what ever i need to make up my macros for what ever im making .


You can get egg whites in block shape? I am intrigued.




Yea I got really sick of cooked eggs - so now I've been pouring a little bit of milk in a glass and downing a raw egg rocky style - but only if the eggs are organic, that's the only time I'll spend a little more due to the higher salmonella rate in non-organic eggs (when you're downing 6 raw eggs a day you tend to be a little more cautious) - $3/dozen at sam's club is not too bad...


no you cant . you seperate the whites from the yolks and its just the plasic tubs i use are square so when their cooked there like blocks .
and yes i do eat whole eggs about 8 a day free range .


Cottage cheese - Knudsen at Costco is $5 for 11 servings 14g ea w. 100 kcal, cheese sticks (8g protein ea, 60 kcals) - get 24 for $5.50/.

Oh and love Southwest style egg beaters. Fuckin bomb. 70g protein and 420 kcal $4.20

Get a pork shoulder and throw it in a crock pot for 16 hours on low... food for DAYS.

Damn now that I look at it those cheese sticks are a good deal. 192 grams of protein for $5.50, which is almost 40 grams per dollar. Protein powder usually isn't even that cheap....


93/7 ground turkey at Walmart is like $5.50 for 3 lbs. I make 6 1/2lb burgers, broil them in about 13 minutes and have 240 grams of protein at my disposal. A lot of days I bring two burgers and a 1/2 bag of frozen veg for my two meals at work. Cheap and nutritious.


Affordable protein its out there, check different stores prices can vary a lot. Ghetto grocery stores are a good place to look and of course wal mart.

chicken gizzard $1 lb
chicken liver $1 lb
chicken thighs $1.04 lb
beef heart $1.30 lb
beef kidneys $1.30 lb
frozen chicken breast $1.79 lb
pork loin $1.99 lb
beef liver $1.99 lb

round top beef can be under two dollars a pound
pork ribs no bone can be under two dollars a pound

dozen eggs 1.49

milk contains 80% cassein and 20% whey, it is cheaper to buy milk for your cassein.


i think a main reason people find whole food harder than supps is just inexperience and practice at cooking .
the more you do it the quicker and easier it gets .if you know where all your pots , pans , bowls n knifes n herbs are instantly you can put together something good in about 5 to 10 mins .

throw a chicken in a pot with a lid on it with some water a tab spoon of tom puree some spuds , carrots onions n garlic some apple vinigar n anything else you like then put it in the oven for a couple of hours at 150 .you can do this with beef or other meat but leave it for about 4 or 5 hours , when you come home man the smell of it cooking !!!


The diet in the latest article by John Meadows was a great example. http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/you_are_what_you_absorb