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Whole Food Peri-Workout Nutrition

So, I’m going to be moving soon and into a new apartment, and honestly my finances are looking pretty tight. As a result, my normal supplement regimen and purchasing is going to need to be put on hold a bit.

Normally my peri-workout supplements include:
Powerbar ~30 min prior
Surge Workout Fuel ~15 min prior (sip during workout)
Surge Recovery Post-Workout

For those of you who might not use supplements as much, what do you typically eat or recommend eating prior to, during, and after a workout. I think the only supplements I’ll end up continuing to purchase are a whey protein and Flameout.

Budget is tight, but I don’t want my workouts to suffer from lack of sufficient supplementation, so what do you guys suggest in terms of food?


When I first started lifting, I just made sure to get a big meal 1 or 2 hours before working out. Obviously make sure it has some complex carbs and protein. Then I just had whey afterwards, sometimes with some added simple carbs. I didn’t take creatine at the time, but you could throw that in for pretty cheap.

I made awesome gains. You don’t need supplements to grow, although they can help.


I used to pretty much do the same thing when I was in college, which I did again the other day to try it out. I had a “meal” about 45 min before my workout consisting of 1 can of tuna w/ some mayo and an apple. Energy wise, it definitely helped pre-workout. However, of course I kind of faded after the first 30 minutes. Was that meal not enough carb-heavy?

I don’t always have time or resources available to prepare carbs, say like old fashion oats…nor much of a desire to sit and try scarfing them down raw. What are your guys’ ideas of other somewhat complex carbs that are relatively easy to put down?

I’m thinking about the whey + creatine, due to its cheapness and effectiveness, so I think I’ll throw in for that little extra help. Would the new GROW whey be a good choice for this use? Am I hindering myself at all by not going with Metabolic Drive and its high BCAA profile?


im a fan of bananas 30 mins before working out, i used to try all kinds of protein bars and shit but the banana always seems to help me train longer meh

When I started out, I cut up a pound of chicken and cooked 1 bag of that boil-in-bag brown rice.

I mixed it all together with some spices and a can of cream-of-chiken & mushroom soup.

I split it into two portions. Ate one about 45 minutes before my workout, and one when I got home.

C’mon oatmeal isn’t that tough to make in the microwave.

One thing I’ve made is a a peanut butter and cottage cheese sandwich. Haven’t tried it preworkout though. and cottage cheese is kind of spendy anyway.

Sweet potatoes, oatmeal, fruits, even breads, pasta and rice with some lean meat bout 45min before will do the trick. I’ll also have a gatorade or vitamin water during for some extra carbs to keep me going towards the end of my workout.

Hell I had ice cream and grilled chicken before today’s back workout because that was all I had in the house. Over the summer when I worked at a pizzeria I used to down couple slices of pizza and chicken before my workout.

I used to be a supp whore; love Surge workout fuel and recovery they work great but right now I have been getting bigger and stronger from whole foods and it’s more economical.