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Whole Fat Milk and Cholesterol?


So, I have received a lot of bitching from family members about my whole fat milk consumption. They all say it's going to raise my cholesterol.

I drink about 1-1,5L whole fat milk in a day.
Is there any clinic study proving milk fat raises cholesterol? What are your experiences?

Thanks in advance for helpful answers :slight_smile:


I drink roughly a gallon of whole milk a day. I'm still alive. My family bitches about my food consumption too--mainly the red meat--but I'm getting stronger and the scale's moving in the right direction so I don't care.


I grew up on a dairy farm, my whole family drinks milk right out of the tank and I still do when I'm home. My dad's dad consistently drank the stuff, still eats ice cream out of the bucket and is still lucid and mobile at 82 with zero heart problems.

I understand the fat helps the protein absorb and is in an ideal ratio in whole cow's milk for pretty much all mammals.(Of course, I may be predisposed to paying attention to biased research given my background) It shouldn't be hard with a consistent schedule with a bout of cardio or two a week to offset the cholesterol. If you have a history of heart problems in the family, of course, all bets are off.


read good calories bad calories by gary taubes, and then come to the realization that the government diet recommendations are way off, and high total cholesterol has almost nothing to do with heart disease. also note that you're better off drinking milk than eating cheap carbs.

don't listen, they've likely been indoctrinated with the idea that diets should be high in carbs and low fat, when that is in fact bad advice.

but read the book. here's a link:


Yeah I realize that the common view on nutrition is off. Having a family friend who's a doctor who preaches about how bad milk is doesn't help either. Oh and it isn't fat in general, it's milk fat specifically they talk about.


Go get your blood levels tested and throw it in their face. It's the only way to shut people up. I memorized the numbers by heart so whenever told me I was killing myself by doing something I told them my HDL LDL Tris etc levels and asked them theirs.

It works real well


If you're a fatty, you will need to eat fewer calories. So whole milk would be bad news.

I think the choice of milk (whole vs skim vs no milk at all) is actually a great way to regulate the level of macros in your diet. Hi/lo fat, hi/lo carb, etc.


I think personally it's alot of bullshit. People who have naturally high cholesterol and take meds to lower it, the body responds by making more chol. This makes me think that the body prefers high levels of it, I am not convinced that everyone runs on the same number. You might wanna take a look at Uffe Ravnskov, MD, PhD.




Check out her book "Real Food: What to Eat and Why". Has a lot to say about raw milk (among other foods) and sources to back it up.


I would die without milk, I've had 6 litres of chocolate milk so far at work today, and another litre of skim milk in my 2 shakes I've had today. Sweet sweet milk is all I have to say.


To err on the side of caution I only drink unhomoginized whole milk (Guernsey organic milk over here in the UK is awesome stuff which has an orange tint due to beta carotene content). The homoginized concept is essentially that the process causes molecular changes that may influence heart disease.

I'd rather err on the side of caution and it wouldn't surprise me if it was true (afer all the least processed the better - just look at what happens to refined oils!). Oh and check out the Masai tribe in Africa - they love their raw milk and clean arteries!


I agree with Higgins. If it's cholesterol your family is worried about, get it tested periodically. You should anyway. Saturated fat HAS been shown to raise cholesterol, and lower cholesterol IS associated with lower risk of cardiovascular disease, so their concern is not ridiculous.


Personally I think non-fat milk is an abomination in taste, it's like the Diet Coke of milk. I can drink it if I need to but I opt not to.


Nectar of the gods you say?