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Whole Eggs

Ok I’d like to use whole eggs as the source of fat+protein meals for Massive Eating. However, eating 10-15 whole eggs (in 2 or 3 meals) a day seems a little scary! From what I’ve read on t-mag, it seems that this shouldn’t scare me when it comes to cholesterol. How does everyone feel about this sort of fat intake right now? Sorry to bring up this tired old subject…

I use whole eggs for one meal a day on the Massive Eating plan. Usually just 2 or 3 whole eggs plus some chicken. (I’m on the fat loss version of the plan.) No need to be fearful of a few eggs a day.

An easy solution to the fat plus protein meals is to use a low carb powder like Advanced Protein and toss is some natural peanut butter or flax oil. I have this at least twice a day, once before bed.

Just to add to what Mr. Shugart said … eggs make up one meal for me per day. I have five whole eggs, scrambled, with melted cheddar. A good fat/protein meal. Plus, I lace the pan with melted butter … nothing finer except the beauty of a hot girl in yoga class than watching butter melt in a pan, waiting for you as your mouth waters … ok, sorry, I got all flustered there. Anyway, natural peanut butter is great. I spoon it right out of the jar. Makes for a great snack. Almonds are excellent too! You can also try a can of tuna mixed with real mayonnaise. Yum. Or, if you want a carb protein meal, try chanko which is tuna, white rice, corn, and teryaki sauce. Also yummy. I was hoping to post my massive eating diet to the board (as it took me weeks to refine it and get the cals up) but I think it would be hard to post a Word doc here. Oh well.

HGrowth - i would love if you would post your diet. Just cut and paste.
i just started it and i’m having some problems refining it…it seems like at the end of the day i still keep coming up short when it comes to the cals…oh you. I’m trying the keep in the range of 45% pro, 20% carbs 35% fat.

Sped, I posted my diet to another thread by accident. Check it out under Massive Eating, T2, & MD6. Let me know what you think!

I frequently eat whole eggs for my last meal before bed. I like to boil 'em up a dozen at a time. Now before you start gagging on the thought of a chalky, dry, hard-boiled egg yolk, let me tell you the secret. Boil them medium, such that the yolks are firm and quite moist. Similar to a soft-boiled egg, without the mess. Try 8-1/2 minutes then soak 'em in cold water to keep the yolks from turning hard. Then pack them back up in the carton and put 'em in the 'fridge. When hunger strikes around 8-9pm, I like to slice 2 or 3 of 'em in half and sprinkle salt ‘n’ pepper on 'em. Butter salt, that is.

I’ve eaten 2 dozen whole eggs a week for months on end without a single problem (with a nice chunk of real butter thrown in the pan). Even now, when I’m dieting for the summer, i eat whole eggs. Eggs, whole milk, and ham/beef/chicken were a breakfast staple for hundreds of years (and still are in many countries). It wasn’t until Kellogs came up with Corn Flakes (which he believed would supress young boy’s testosterone and prevent them from masterbating) that a high carbohydate breakfast was pushed and eggs became “bad.”

i’ve been eating 12 to 24 eggs a day for about 7 years without any problems.i always start the day with eggs and end the end the day with eggs.i like mine soft scrambled.hope this helps.eggs are the protien source of the god’s.

I’m brand new here. I just want to start out by saying that this is the best board I’ve ever found with lots of great info. As far as eggs go, I eat 6-12 whole eggs a day and have for a few years now. My cholesterol is normal. I think most problems with cholesterol stem from either not getting enough of the good fats, being sedentary, or both. GrowtH, I’d like to see your diet plan, also. I started the massive eating plan a couple of weeks ago and I’d like to add some more variety to my diet already. Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.

Jagin, I’ve gotta chime in and agree with everyone else; eggs are the best! Often I have a breakfast of a dozen egg whites and three yolks, scrambled in butter or Pam spray. For all you oatmeal lovers (like I am), I usually add one whole egg to the oatmeal when it’s about half cooked.
Don’t fear the egg!

I feel much better now – thanks guys!! Ok… time to go get really big and massive!

What do you guys think of egglands best eggs? They have omega 3 and less saturated fat then regular eggs. I think they are 60 or 70 calories 4 grams of fat (1 sat.) and 6 grams protein.

=w= I will only eat Egglands Best as their flavor can’t be beat. I hate that stuff in bulk at Costco. According to the Egglands Best website the eggs are kosher as well so I feel more comfortable about the quality of the product.

Guys, I posted my diet in another post. Look for it. Thanks!

Have to chime in with the Eggland’s best. Their chickens are fed a vegetarian diet so the eggs have less sat fat, cholesterol and yet have plenty of protein (7g for their jumbo, 6g for large). They taste great also

Usually 5 a day in the morning. But I’ve went as high as a dozen a day for a few weeks at a time.

I think that in one La Dawg mr Harris wrote about study that was about consuming eggs. It was said that eating four or more eggs was actually better for your health than eating less eggs. Has anyone more information about this study. I think he said that study was in M&f.