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Whole Eggs vs. Egg Whites


Anyone care to share with me why exactly is it that some people eat for example 2 whole eggs and 4 egg whites? Or only egg whites?

I'm not really worried about it because I might be "ruinin' mah gainzz", I'm just curious. Is it the cholesterol? Then again it shouldn't be the cholesterol since all of us here work out and utilize it and whatnot. I know my LDL went down from 58 to 39 once I started following the anabolic diet.

So what am I missing here? Is it the taste?
And sorry if this is a "stupid" question, but it's been bugging me for quite some time. And since you guys have been very helpful before, I figured-why not ask this on here?




I'd imagine it's the caloric difference. They want to get the protein from the egg whites but save themselves the calories from the yolk. Unless someone was predisposed to high cholesterol, the yolks shouldn't cause problems...especially for an active person who lifts weights.


It could be because of the cholesterol. Most likely, however its because whole eggs either add too much fat (fat that isn't wanted on a persons diet for w.e the personal reasons) to the meal. Sub;in out some yolks and replacing them with egg whites is an easy way to keep the overall fat controlled and increase the amount of protein.

For example, some people may be cutting with a moderate carb/low fat approach and don't desire the fat from the egg yolks.


search function.



can you eat that?


eating only egg whites is the dumbest thing I ever heard of,

egg yolk is one of the most nutrient dense foods in exsistence.


most people follow more higher carbohydrate diets and try to limit the fats as much as possible. I ate egg whites when i did the max-ot diet for 1 of my contests. my diet was 350g protein 250-300g carbs and 50-60g fats and i got shredded. felt like shit though.

the ad is totally different animal and eggs should be eaten whole


I see. I only mentioned the AD in regard to cholesterol. Nvm, i get it now.


i try to limit meals that contain fat, protein and carbs. which is why i have a high protein and high carb shake for breakfast. so i throw in a cup of egg whites into that along with milk, protein powder, banana, oatmeal, ice. Lately i have been throwing in a bunch of peanut butter too, so that pretty much negates the no fat but whatever...


What he said... and I also get cartons of egg whites for cheap... so it just saves me money...




I mix them. No specific fear of whole eggs, but I find them a little heavy. I tend to do 2 whole eggs + 1 cup whites in my morning omelette. Keeps the calories around where I'd like when I factor in my oatmeal/berries and often a little bit of lean turkey or chicken sausage.

There's convincing arguments on both sides (like someone said, use the search function). Whole eggs aren't -bad- by any means, nor are egg whites necessarily -better-. But it's worth understanding that a whole egg is sufficiently more nutrient dense. You get more protein but at the cost of some additional fat and calories. Egg whites on the other hand are a great low calorie protein source, and little else.

Hope it helps.


i buy my egg whites in a 16oz carton at Trader Joes for 2.19$

55g of protein total. I don't find that -cheap- but i still like buying them. 8oz(~27g protein) every morning mixed into my big shake.


Alright, thanks guys. Like I said, I just wanted to see what are some of the general reasons why people choose egg whites over whole eggs.
Thanks again


That was straight forward



Unless you're dieting for a contest or trying to get extremely shredded. I think just eating egg whites is pointless. I have 6-8 egg omelettes for dinner. Sometimes 1-2 for breakfast with my oatmeal/blueberries.

I also always have good fats in the morning either coming from light tasting olive oil, raw almonds or whole eggs.


I eat about 4 egg whites, with one whole egg for breakfast. The rationale is that whole eggs also have a lot of calories, which I don't need. 6 regular eggs is about 420 calories. If you add about 200-300 calories for oatmeal and others, then you're running up the calories. This isn't bad for breakfast, but it depends on your goals and total daily caloric needs