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Whole Eggs/EVOO and Fat Loss


I am attempting to drop bodyfat. I do eat 5 eggs per day and in the morning may use a tablespoon of olive oil. The oil has a lot of calories I see. I am probably 40 pounds overweight. If all things are equal is it a good idea to drop the yolks? I was swayed by Vince Girondas method of eating a dozen or more eggs. I am not that extreme but it does fill up a good portion of my protein requirement.


You need to setup a proper diet plan and follow it.

Post your whole diet and then someone can help you.


been eating 30 eggs a day for the past 10 days, still reducing waist measurements


5 eggs per day fills up a good portion of your protein? That's 30 g of protein. Do you weigh 30 lbs?


That's a lot of eggs bro, scramble time? Raw? Hard boiled? I bet you have gross smelling farts huh? Egg farts are the worst lol


I can eat as many scrambled eggs as I want with no issues. If I eat a couple hard boiled eggs clear the room.


Don't drop the yokes... pure bro-science. I've been eating 5-7 eggs every morning for about 3 years. My blood panel rocks.

I watched a pretty good youtube on eggs a couple of days ago:


Count your micros, if 5 yolks fit, keep em in, if not drop them.

If you are not counting micros, I'd probably keep 1 yolk since you are 40lbs overweight MEH. Again, it depends on the rest of your diet looking at macros/calories.


2x15 egg omlettes with tons of veg chucked in. absolutely no digestion problems at all with eggs. but one bowl of rice or pasta makes me feel like a pregnant woman


Egg yokes and olive oil are not the reason you are overweight.


*best... :slight_smile:


No, I eat tuna, protein shakes, chicken, beef . . .


Are you losing weight?


No, Blue Collarr8er is right. I am looking for a scapegoat. I do eat junk sometimes. Also I have been inactive for 2 months from a shoulder surgery. For me, the 2 have to go together. If I workout, I am focused on eating cleaner. I think I will try my first shoulder safe workout today actually.