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Whole Egg vs Egg Whites Only


lots of athletes at the gym, no matter what time of year it is, eat the egg white only and throw away the yolk..

dont they know that a ton of nutrients are lost without the yolk?

also, how do you matabolize the protein from the egg white without the fat from the yolk? you need fat to matabolize protein...

i dont understand eating the egg white only..


Depends which way you look at it. People will say the dietary cholesterol isn't an issue, that it doesn't have a negative effect human health. I haven't come across any convincing scientific data that shows that it does negatively effect human health.

Then there's another way to look at it. That all humans that live in modern civilized societies have some level of heart disease. some level of atherosclerosis from the mismatch between our lives, and the way hunter-gatherer's and tribals live. Even children who die in tragic accidents in modern societies have some level of heart disease. No matter how healthy you are, your lifestyle probably isn't nearly as heart-healthy as you think it is considering the environment the human body evolved in. (in comparison to this one)

So whether or not there is clear cut evidence that yolk cholesterol can change human cholesterol, some people err on the side of caution. Also, you can have some whole milk or 1% milk or anything with egg-whites.

Also, a bigger issue is that pasteurized egg white is really convenient and delicious. It's a lot easier to drink 1-2 cup of egg-white with some-thing else, than 4-5 of full-eggs. Throwing some egg-white into a protein shake (vanilla) and mixing that with frozen strawberries and milk, blending that up. It's pretty delicious. A lot of the nutrients in eggs can be found in other places as well.

I do eat eggs and egg yolks, but the majority of the egg I consume is pasteurized egg-white.


That being said if it's one vs the other. whole egg obviously provides a fuller/better nutritional content. amino acids like leucine and etc.



It shouldn't have to be one vs the other anyway. Eat as many yolks as you want, even still having a few cartons of pasteurized egg-whites will never let you down. You can mix them with whole milk or 2% milk if you are worried about fat and protein utilization.

vanilla protein powder, cup of whole milk, cup of strawberries, half a cup of egg-white or a cup. (or half a scoop protein powder). Just very easy to drink protein source, you can mix with anything.

cup of egg-white, mix that with an instant carnation break-fast throw in a little whole milk, not a bad variation on a protein shake.


this thread is full of retarded, I'm out. and I CLEARLY made a thread showing eggs are bad, or did i


I agree 100%. Some people should just use the search function and read, instead of posting a question that's been asked 1,000+ times, and doing so in idiotic fashion.


Eggs are out altogether, white or whole.

Buckets of semen are the new egg whites.


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I've seen ironclaws pop up in a few threads now spouting bull shit and giving shitty advice.

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