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Whole Chickens and Bill Starr-Themed 5/3/1

Haven’t seen a post recommending the consumption of whole chickens yet so I’d like to recommend everyone eat one whole chicken every day on top on the other stuff you cram down your pie hole to help facilitate “dem gainZ”. You’ll thank me later.

Now that that’s out of the way I’d like to post about a little template that I’ve been tinkering with that is loosely based on some of Jim’s full body templates. I have been having success with it. Bill Starr is one of my fave authors, besides the “mad scientist Wendler”, and a select few others. In his book “The Strongest Shall Survive” (damn good book) Starr gives an option to do a different movement for pressing each of the three day full body sessions. Using this it’s easy to apply this to the lower body movements as well as the back exercises(accessories).

Using this idea and combining it with 5/3/1 set up I came up with:

Day 1
Squat 5/3/1 ladders
Press 5/3/1 ladders (pull-ups)
Row 5-7x5

Day 2
Front squat 5-7x5@75%
Behind neck press 5-7x5@FSL (pull-ups)
Shrugs 5-7x5

Day 3
Deadlift 5/3/1 ladders
Bench 5/3/1 ladders (pull-ups)
Face pulls xMANY

Jumps and mobility before each session. Off days (Tuesday/Thursday) are for light conditioning. Walking with a vest and the like. Because the deadlift is on Friday and it doesn’t fry your legs you can do some hard conditioning on Saturday if you so choose. Hills and sprints and the like. The ladders are a very good way to squeeze in more volume without burning you out.
Day 2 weights would require that you know what day 2 exercises TM’s are. Once you pick a TM calculate what the first set of that particular week would be if you were doing standard 5/3/1 sets and use FSL only. If you’d want to do more of Monday’s main movements on Day two just use that weeks FSL. 5-7 sets of 5 is actually 5x5@FSL with a two set warm up that are 10% drops.

I’d rather do the full body template and eat various forms of protein.

I dont think there is anything magical about a whole chicken or shrugs.

Eat various proteins.

The whole chicken comment was a joke and aimed at Jim heh. It’s an inside joke so to speak. Nothin wrong with squat/push/pull template glad you like doing only that :+1:. This is just another variation on said theme.

What are “ladders”?

“Whole chicken” eating (or drinking a gallon of milk/day or eating X pounds of ground beef a day) is a great way for results/goal oriented people to tackle their diet.

Also, do shrugs for more reps!

Ladders I got from you lol. It’s just repeating the second set after the main set and then repeating the first set then done. You push the main set, repeat second set for minimum reps, then repeat first set but push it too.

5’s week


More reps on the shrugs…ugh…things make me want to puke whenever I do them. As do bar rows and deadlifts haha!

Keeps me from doing more dumb shit than I need to I know that much haha. After main set is pushed, repeating that second set for required reps is good hard work. As is repeating and pushing the last set. I don’t go to failure on none of them. Just push the reps even if it means one or two more and I always cap the reps at 10 if I ever get up that high.

Can we cook the whole chickens?

Gotcha - I didn’t realize people used “ladders” as a term in training. That’s what women have to climb, in skirts, in the corporate world.

I heard you think this place is interesting? Matt C. told me.

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Haha yeah when I mentioned ladders to Matt he was like…“Dafuq is a ladder?” I chuckled. Yes…this place, the posts and their comments, are…interesting to say the least haha.

Yeah eat cooked chickens. Unless you practice voodoo. Even then that’s probably bad juju heh