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Whole Chicken - How Many You Eat in a Week?

So whole chickens are cheaper overall.

If I want to make sure I hit 150g protein daily, how many chickens to I need for the week???

How many of you primarily just eat whole chickens?

I think it’s nice to have a mix of everything of dark and light meats.

Depends on the chicken size but more than half and less than all of it.

I use roast chicken every few weeks - I probably should do it more often.

Just a warning. I was eating 6-10 lbs of chicken breasts each week and my cholesterol went from 170s to 220. I cut out the chicken and it returned to the 170s.

I’m only 33 and have no family history of high cholesterol.

I recommend mixing up your meats.

As far as how much you need, I’d say it’s trial and error. Buy a chicken and see how long it lasts through the week.

I wish chickens had 6 legs and smaller breasts…

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I eat about 3 a week. I hate the lean/dry white meat though.

Sometimes I’d have one for lunch, iifym do it.


I usually go through 2 a week for lunches, with veges while at work. Roasted chooks at the !ocal supermarket are only 8 bucks or so, so decent price compared to breasts alone.

That sounds like a fine cholesterol to me. Ancel Keyes (Terrible scientist from the 50s) has destroyed our entire understanding of fat, cholesterol, and sugar…

My HDL was high which gave me good ratios but the stupid wellness program at work says anything over 200 is high. My doctor wasn’t worried but I was concerned about a 50 point increase.

About one a week…as a kid it was more like 1 per meal!! lol

I eat 2-3 a week. I cook it several different ways.