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Whole Body Workout Suggestions?


My normal routine is kind of screwed this week since I was under the weather and my shoulder was acting up a bit. Think I might try to get some kind of a workout to salvage things this week that hits a bit of everything. Never been a huge fan of all body workouts, but some stimulation is better than none. I want to focus a bit more on upper body so I'm thinking something like -

Incline Dumbbell
Pronated Chins and/or Supinated Rows
Barbell or Dumbbell Press
Barbell Curls

Substituting deadlifts for more direct leg work. I am incorporating exercises I haven't done recently too. Been doing neutral grip chins. Any other favorite single day routines out there?


Here is a good one. Doing deadlifts at the end were pretty hard, I did close to my normal warmup weight even for the 5x5 sets. I did this for 2 cycles and think I liked the one where I did something besides deadlifts better. With what you said above this one should work perfectly since 2/3 of the workout is upper body



..and no one is going to rip on him for suggesting a TBT workout?

double standard hypocrisy, awesome


Who the fuck said TBT is inferior to a split routine "Ah, today it's biceps and flexing at the water-fountain day"?


ah clearly i misunderstood the general opinion in the BB forums re: splits vs TBT

carry on


"Never been a huge fan of all body workouts, but some stimulation is better than none."

Read please.


Read what he typed. It is for one week.

OP, if you have a shoulder injury then I would suggest picking exercises that give it a chance to heal for the week. One week is not a long time so you could use it as a week to mix it up. Or, you might need a deload if you have been going hard. You won't lose any size or strength and your body, and your brain, might respond to the variation.

You have a lot of exercises listed. I would simplify it and go with three and do something like push/pull/squat variations on three different days (use same exercises or different each day). To change it up further from your normal split you could add a few rounds of barbell complexes at the end of the workout for some conditioning.