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Whole Body Training for 2B

CT - The latest video capsule on thinarmy regarding whole body training was a great summary of the pros and cons. You specifically mentioned that 2Bs won’t get what we need (strong mind muscle connection and pump).

Is there a good way to “fix” that so a 2N can at least get a strong pump by prioritizing one muscle group each day (pushing one day, legs one day, pulling one day) and using some supersets or trisets just in that group? Pairing a compound lift and one or two isolation lifts for that group.

Then use regular compound lifts for the rest of the body that day, mostly 3-4 heavy sets and maybe making one set a back off set just to get a good pump?

I would use 2 strategies with 2Bs if doing whole body training:

  1. Start every workout with a “feel good superset”. A superset of two exercises (2 different muscles) focusing on the two muscles that when pumped, make you feel the best. For me it’s bicep and chest. So it would be a superset of pec deck machine and machine curl or cable curl. Using slower tempos, squeezing the muscles and maybe even using some “pump” technique like 1 1/2 reps, partials + full reps, drop set, etc

When a 2B feels good about his look he gets a better workout

  1. Focus on 1 or 2 muscles per workout and include a small amount of work for the other muscles (like you mentioned). The focus muscle(s) would include more “bodybuilding” methods like rest/pause, mTor sets, drop sets, myo reps, etc. While the “other” muscles would use mostly straight sets of 6-8 reps (or 4-6 on some days) on compound movements.

Thank you. So for a 2B who is just an average guy with the goal of being bigger, is whole body training going to get the job done? Or is an upper/lower, push/pull, pull/push/legs split going to be better advised?

For some reason I still like the idea of whole body training, and have done it at times with fair progress, but I often wound up feeling/looking a little imbalanced and kind of flat. And I didn’t love the workouts themselves.

Im not a fan of whole body training, especially with 2Bs