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Whole Body Split

If the body can handle 4 compound excercises, and 2 isolation three times a week. Would it be a bad idea to split it up. For example do 4 upper body compounds and 2 isolation upper body M and F, and W do the same with lower body. Alternating weeks?

Are you saying one week devoted to upper body, then one week devoted to lower body?

To me, that’s too much rest time between working the same muscle groups.

I think one of the great benifits of full body training is being able to hit all the different muscle groups many times during a week.

your example definatly can work (search the articles for west side for skinny bastards) But doesnt have the same benifits of 3 full body workouts a week.

When I have the time and ability to recover I do two upper body and two lower body workouts like you discribed (3-4 compound lifts and 1-2 issolation) and other weeks when I’m working alot I do two upper body days and 1 lower because my work is physicly taxing on my lower body.

…After thinking about it some more your idea isnt bad that bad because each session you would be doing more volume for certain body parts then in a full body routine so you would require more time to recover. Just goes to show there are more then one way to skin a cat.

Thanks for the replies. I work out mainly by myself in my garage. With my equipment it takes too long to set up, Going from upper to lower body. This keeps my workouts in the 30 to 45 min. range. Just wasn’t sure if volume was increased enough to account for the long rest periods in between.

If I where to add an extra workout, to split it up 2 and 2 what would an adequate time to allow body to recover? I know there are a lot of variables there. But any advice would be appreciated.