Whole Body and Fat Loss

Hi coach!

I am a 43 years old and I would like to get rid fat from me.

I have been reading any articles from you on T-Nation and whole body approach just interests me:

M/W/F + Gap workout

Whole body:

Squat, Incline Bench, RDL and Chin

2 warm-up, 2-3 feeder sets, 2-3 work set (last to failure)

Gap workout:

Hack squat
Seated DB Press
DB Row
Barbell curl
Rear delt raise Myo-reps

Just 2-3 sets 10-15 reps with just 1’ rest.

What do you think about?


You mention that your main goal is fat loss yet you don’t talk about your diet, your cardio, etc.

You don’t like to lose fat. You lift to, at least, maintain your muscle mass while dieting and doing cardio.

Hi CT,

I am on deficit 400Kcal more or less and I lost 0.4Kg weekly on average.

No cardio in rest day, but I have been walking 11-12K steps to go at work.

Yes the target is to maintain mass muscle as much as possible.

Built for Battle workout with good nutrition.

I can train only 3 days/week plus Gap workout on saturday.

So Built for Battle doesn’t suite my calendar.

Hi coach,

I’m in second week using OCTS method and it seems ok. Calorie deficit (now I’m on 2400Kcal) and training go well, and wholebody + gap is fresh air for months/years of split schedule: thank you!

I read about Pendulum training bodybuilding for next step: did you advise in cut phase or it’s better on bulking?

I’m eating up your site!