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Who'd You Rather Fight


I was sitting in a hotel in Chicago on Tuesday night thinking back on the some of the old "Who would win threads" and thought well why not start a "Who'd you rather fight" thread.

1.) You are allowed 1 non-projectile weapon
2.) Survival and/or killing your opponent = a win

Feel free to add your own mix in.

Who'd you rather fight?

A full grown female Grizzly w/ cubs


A 19' Nile Crocodile in waist deep water



Female Grizzly


Nile Croc


I personally would rather fight the Grizzly. Something about being torn apart while drowing in the mouth of a dinosaur just scares the shit out of me. Seems like one of the worst ways to die.


Bear all the way.

You wouldn't stand a chance in water with the croc. You couldn't even see it coming.

As for weapon, I would think some sort insanely sharp sword or long spear. Maybe even a chainsaw. That would be loud and would probably scare the bear away = you surviving = win :wink:


If it were unarmed I would choose the croc, but since you said 1 melee weapon of our choice, and since you put the croc battlefield in waist deep water, I'll definitely take the bear and a stout spear.

The way primitive peoples did it was to get the bear to rear up on its hind legs in that intimidation posture they do and then try to get into position with the spear so that the bear falls on it; using it's own weight to help kill it.


I definitely agree. People have survived croc attacks, but it's not a very high percentage.

Probably should of said non-motorized weapons as well, but to late! I think the chainsaw does give you a fighting chance against the momma bear, but only a chance. I think your best bet is to hope momma just wants to leave with her cubs safely.


Do you think you could do that by yourself?

The one things about the Croc is, the battle begins in waist deep water, but there's no reason you can't make it to shore or up a tree. So there is a viable way to escape thus winning. It's just not very likely once the croc get's you. The bear, on the other hand, can and likely win follow you where ever so killing her is probably the only way to survive.

Another thing to consider is that, while the fight is 1 vs. 1, Nile Crocs (Unlike Salt Water Crocs) live in, I believe it's called a gang, so there will be other crocs there cutting off your escape...


A female coastal grizz weighs 500 lbs and a nile croc weighs around 900. Both are super aggressive. I would have to say I would rather fight a grizzly based solely on the fact that the croc is in waist deep water. If you could somehow escape the water I would take the croc then. They are much slower and clumsier on land.


Give me a .500 Magnum and I will take either.


Damn you picked fast animals....but I'm going with, mama bear. I'll play dead then sneak attack her with spear but in reality if I did have a gun I'd still be shitting my pants.


Fuck you buddy...


Ya both fights fuckin blow...


Haha the water element is what makes it suck. Crocs on land go about 7-9 mph in extremely short bursts. In water they are near the 23 mph mark. A grizz goes 35 mph and those bitches will chase you everywhere.


Well the even worse part about the water is that the croc is basically invisible until it's within a couple feet of you. And they can strike extremely quickly.


You've gotta look for the bubbles man, didn't Steve Irwin teach you anything??


Okay how about this one:

A fully grown Anaconda


A fully grown Bull Shark






Death is imminent