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Whoa Wheat


Just wanted to share a disappointing story over the weekend. One of the thousand pizzerias in my area just began to make whole wheat pizza and I am loving that cause on the weekend I need a break from cooking!lol Anyway, when I got there, the cook said they didn't have the dough to make it. I could have had the regular pizza pie but I decided not to - a stupid move cause I could use the extra calories.

I just had my mind set on that particular pie. I'm sure if Prof X was with me he would have beat the flax out of me and for good reason. Anyway, I still managed to gain some weight at the end of the week because I have been consistently increasing my calories. I guess in the end it wasn't a complete loss but I need to relax a little if I want to be big. Damn brain, always getting in the way lol Thanks for reading.


This is probably the dumbest post I've ever read.


I want the last 33.3 seconds of my life back






Not to mention Whole wheat is no better. white bread is from WHOLE wheat. its usually just a die the add etc. to make you feel its more healthy its still processed grains big time.

You want Whole GRAIN lots of fiber etc. You should have had the darn pizza.


"me fail english? that's umpossible!"


You're confusing whole wheat with wheat. Wheat is the one that has the dye and is comparable to white bread. Whole wheat and whole grain breads are on a completely different (and more nutritious level).


Man...tough crowd


Yeah.. whole wheat is whole grain. Wheat is a grain. Multi-grain consists of many different whole grains. Whole wheat is popular because most breads are made with wheat, but white breads being refined. So in essence, whole wheat is just unrefined white bread.

Naw mean?




Why do you "lol" that you need a break from cooking? That's not funny enough to even smerk let alone laugh out loud.

And Phil is right...whole wheat is bogus. You are bulking and worried that eating a regular pizza will harm you? wtf? The whole wheat was for what? fiber?


Hey IL, Ok take it easy. I was just posting to share a few thoughts of mine. I was able to get a hold of the whole wheat pizza this week and while both types of pizza are good, I like the grainy quality to the dough. Definitely a lot thicker than regular white dough as well. Putting on the pounds...I'm interested to see how this affects strength. My drumming was definitely not affected today and it was crazy hot (NY - 91 degrees).