Whoa, the elusive Tim Patterson

I just happened to glance down at the bottom of the screen and noticed the elusive Mr. Patterson was online. I’ve never seen that before, I hope he’s enjoying the read.


Probably just couldn’t believe the stories about the stinky vagina and dinky dicks threads and had to come see for himself.

I’ve seen him on before but not for this long in the middle of the day. Why you here Tim? What are you up to?

Yeah I saw him on once before too. We’ll catch that bugger one of these days!!! :wink:

I’m amazed you saw him at all.

He’s a ninja.

Hey Tim,

Whats up?

Anything new and exciting at t-mag or Biotest?

Tim Patterson doesn’t exist. I made him up. Really.

You made him up? Is he a puppet? Where do you put your hand… uh, never mind.

Tim Patterson is a ninja? Maybe that explains why I love him with every part of my body, including my pee-pee.

uuuummmm. . .yeah… . .ok
Is that one of those secret ninja powers you don’t hear much about

I’ve seen him online multiple times. It’s nothing special.

Don’t listen to him Tim, You are special. In a good way. Not in a took the short bus to school sort of way.

I see him on here all time time.