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Who You Jivin With That Cosmik Debris

Hey girl! I only make it over here when I remember this is where the men’s are hiding.

Now I have one more good reason.

The first person to mention my age dies.

[quote]Hallowed wrote:
where the men’s are hiding.

Pfft! Do men actually hide from you.

cavalier, thank you. Actually my scoliosis hadn’t really bothered me for the last couple of years after I took up weight training (nothing too hardcore but lots more than what I was doing before), but meh guess it was just causing me other problems.

Every day that I wake up in the morning I feel a bit better, making some steady progress until last night. Was at work late last night & was supposed to meet a friend who is in the country, only she didn’t show up. By the time I got home, had to take 2 tramadols, valium & difene just to eat dinner and then go to sleep.

Mornings are good but the afternoons at my desk my back just gives up on me & the spasms start. Even though I’ve actually been walking around more than I have actually been at my desk (er which work has noticed). Moving seems to help.

I’ve tried a few things besides the normal stretches & mobility stuff I’ve been given:

Reverse planks - feel ok, I’ve had to do some modifications now & then.
Mckenzie press ups - er no go really, actually any extension on my T-spine just starts the spasms up again.
Body squats - no go
Lunges - ok

Anyhoo, I’ve got an appt with a Physio tomorrow. He sounds like he won’t give me any BS answers like just go take up swimming or something. His CV & experience seem pretty damn good. He does a lot of work with the football teams, rowers & runners. His physio partner is also works on S&C for the other teams as well.

Good to hear you haven’t given up hope finding someone to help you or at least give you a reason why you can’t seem to get any lasting relief.

This guy sounds promising. Fingers crossed.

Another one of my fav gifs. :smiley:

Hey Charles, ha thanks for that!

Just taking a brief time out, went to see this Physio. He doesn’t think there is much wrong with me, gave me some very basic exercises which I’ll post once I’m not in work and can work out my baseline to start with. As for my thoracic episode, he seems to think it has more to do with my flappy hypermobile scapulas (but as an added feature I can use them as wings for halloween).

Which also explains the left over shoulder issue too. It’s at least a starting point and makes some sense. I did some of the exercises at his clinic & I’m exhausted. Things are a bit twingy while trying to sit up at my desk.

My coach called to check up on me, isn’t that nice. He doesn’t quite understand injuries even though he is 85 but he is built like a rock, never had any issues/injuries AT ALL when he was lifting and can still press more than I can.

I didn’t use any painkillers to dull any pain yesterday, except for difene. Although in general I feel worse, need a nap.

Woo! Rehab’s a stone-cold bitch and really exhausting. Glad the guy couldn’t find anything seriously wrong. Did you look into that book at all for fun readings?

Er no Sir, but don’t worry I have that on my list! I’m reading another book in the meantime called ‘Managing Your Pain’

Good deal! Be patient and don’t worry. You’ll train and even compete again :slight_smile:

Rehab’s a bitch, but way better than surgery. You’re on your way.

It is very frustrating to go to medical professionals and still not get answers, I have been through a situation where I just could not find a solution to a problem even though I was going to so called experts.

Keep on truckin sister!

hey hey!

Er why isn’t my new pic coming up? Anyhoo…

Kilt, cavalier & Matty, THANKS! I’m actually just very happy to be at the point where have a program to follow now.

I don’t expect the professionals to know everything but not to be told these things happens, it’ll take care of itself or maybe you should just quit or nah you don’t need any tests. Blah blah. But good to find 1 or 2 professionals who even if it was outside of their expertise they tried to find me some answers/relief. So I’m thankful to at least have some relief and something to work towards.

In my search for an ART therapist, I was recommended to a Rolfer. I’ll see how I get on next week though before I start spending even more money. But the idea of a nice deep releasing massage sounds like heaven right now. Argh, now I know why I generally felt crappy yesterday, its me wimmenz time. So I’m in triple pain now, the back/ribs thing, that & my freaking hip flexors are killing me. Back on the painkillers. No sleep last night, but at least its not a work day and frankly I’m not in as bad as pain like a couple of weeks ago.

I might be getting some doggy therapy tomorrow though.

[quote]cholulalula wrote:
hey hey![/quote]

Ya found me and such a welcoming pic too. Dogs are one of my top weaknesses.

New here…celebrate the little victories, MT, because they will lead to better ones soon. Here’s to a fast recovery!

It’s really scary how hard it is for the docs to diagnose back problems. Here’s wishing you luck that you’re on the right path.

Some years back, I got some therapy/rehab for my scoliosis. Actually, it really did a lot of good. The exercises started toughening up my midsection and taught me how to arch my back at will. Turned out very useful for all the lifts. I’d even recommend for beginners who don’t have back problems.

Kairiki, hey thanks for the encouraging words. Although this weekend is feeling more like a 2 steps back. Glad I’m seeing the osteo tomorrow, somethings out of whack, diaphragm is not happy.

cavalier, I actually think some slight scoliosis is quite common, mine started with those awful backpacks full of school books slung on one shoulder for the cool affect. Books on the tablets for every kid I say!

Don’t get me started on all the books they dumped on me so I could do tutoring!

There are 2 kinds of scoliosis. Structural is where forces, like muscle spasms, bend the spine. It’s easily treatable. Idiopathic is cause unknown and you’re stuck with it.

[quote]minimaltechno wrote:

[quote]cholulalula wrote:
hey hey![/quote]

Ya found me and such a welcoming pic too. Dogs are one of my top weaknesses. [/quote]

Hi just stopping by. :slight_smile:

That sounds way dirtier than it’s going to be, I’m sure :slight_smile: