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Who Wrote This? Supplement Report Rant

I read this as a young kid and belived everything they said, even the Gnc guy said it was true haha

Going limp…

o shit i forgot to post the link lmao proteinbreakthrough.com

[quote]RSGZ wrote:
Going limp…[/quote]


I dont get it.

Sounds about right to me.

[quote]RSGZ wrote:
Going limp…[/quote]


shit sounds like an advertisement… bunch of bullshit

There’s no science behind what he’s saying.
If protein were “dead” after it gets heated… then everyone who eats cooked food will be dying from protein deficiency [this is why people die from malnutrition]

He links protein denaturation to “protein death” and that isnt correct. Denaturation alters the first and second tertiary structure of the protein… this makes the protein unable to perform it’s function.
The COMPLETE proteins themselves are not supposed to be used to build muscles, make you stronger…etc[all the shit he says they’re supposed to do] They perform the duties encoded into their dna. Ex: sending signals from the cells from which they were synthesised to other receptor proteins or antibodies[a type of protein] that bind to antigens[foreign substances]

So just because a protein doesn’t have the ability to do it’s job… doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with the use of the amino acids that it is made up of. You see, while denaturation alters the structure of the protein, it doesnt break down the peptide bonds between the aminos. Because of this… your body can still break down and use these aminos
So: Whey = not bowel sludge.
Hemp protein sounds interesting

I bet if you drink his hemp protein, you will poop out rope.

You know, I’d bet that in bulk hemp protein is inexpensive. Maybe extremely inexpensive.

No wonder it has miraculous properties then!

[quote]MaddyD wrote:
RSGZ wrote:
Going limp…


Bloodninja ftw